Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



What are folk on here more excited for: the new Halloween or Suspiria movies?


i must admit i’m kind of curious about the new halloween…


Will probably approach both with a sense of cautious optimism.

Halloween films have been basically unwatchable for about 20 years, but this one feels like it at least has a link to the glory days.

Suspiria looks like it will be over the top enough to enjoy in its own right, regardless of it being a remake.

:hocho:/10 for both…


im told they’re going the soft remake route like the last jedi. so i guess it’ll be enjoyable but kind of empty/forgettable

still want to see it tho!


I have consciously stayed out of the mega Last Jedi thread to date so will hold my tongue on this comparison :no_mouth:


neither. i’m all about the Pet Semetary remake


I meant the force awakens, sorry!


I wish I could summon up enthusiasm for the new Halloween, but the first trailer really didn’t do much for me - it looked like exactly what you’d expect a Halloween remake/reboot/re-whatever to look like in 2018. It seems to have been getting pretty good reviews, but even most of these seem to admit that everything that leads up to the final Shape/Laurie throwdown isn’t that engaging…

Suspiria looks right up my street, though and it looks like they’ve steered well away from a straightforward remake. Generally the whole idea of remakes doesn’t do much for me, but this looks promising…


Best ending to any horror novel ever?


What should i go see on 4k big screen

  • The Fog
  • Prince of Darkness
  • They Live

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haven’t read it, haha. must do, been meaning to get back into reading


if anyone hasn’t seen this by the way:


Suspiria for me. I’m not a fan of any of the big horror franchises. Never seen a Child’s Play, minimal Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Hostel, Paranormal Activity, Friday 13th, Texas csm. Are there others? I probably haven’t seen them. Fright Night. No. Mind you, I’ve only ever seen two Star Wars films.


No Phantasm?


Nah. Only recently watched the first one. I saw the first Hellraiser when it was first around, not arsed about seeing the later ones. The Dead trilogy and Evil Dead trilogy I love otherwise i’m oot. Ring up to a point, but I prefer the Korean Ring Virus. I’m just awkward.



Saw it on the weekend on Shudder.

I haven’t seen any Indonesian horror before. A very well made horror with a few good scenes that made me jump. Good film 7.5/10.


Found another

Night of the Living Dead on the 25th


Day 11: The Strangers. Proper dull home invasion flick. 4/10


Watched last night: The Belko Experiment. This doesn’t seem to have found much love on this thread or in general, but I have to say, this really worked for me. Sure it’s a formula we’ve seen before (isolate peers in a closed environment and encourage them to kill each other) but this was totally what I was up for last night. I feel like I’ve spent a fair amount of time watching slower, artsier horror movies of late which are all well and good, but sometimes all you want is somebody bashing somebody else’s face in with a tape dispenser. A lot of complaints call this out for being depressing - personally, I thought it worked more as a really dark, black comedy. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’d recommend checking this out after you’ve had a bad day at the office…