Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Pretty grubby film (you can see James Gunn’s Troma roots in it I think a lot) but I enjoyed it all the same. Just made me feel very uncomfortable watching it.


Yep, was very unimpressed with this back in the day


same, i found the whole thing very unpleasant. if anything i thought the comedy in it was weird and seemed out of place. one minute you’ve got jay and silent bob trying to figure things out and the next you’ve got innocent people being lined up to be executed. very nihilistic the whole thing


I’m stretching here, because I don’t think the potential satire of the concept is as well explored as it could be, but I’m guessing the filmmakers would say that the nihilism reflects the dehumanizing nature of modern office culture… Like I say, I think a lot of my ‘enjoyment’ of this came from the mood that I was in last night. I also appreciated the fact that it had the courage of its convictions: e.g. the way they set you up to think that the girl in the elevator might survive and then bang, she’s dead…


yeah fair point and i was kind of willing for this to be the case when watching it - i had a lot of time for Greg McClean after Wolf Creek and the underrated Rogue - but i don’t think it came across well. and especially after the Wolf Creek sequels/tv shows i just think he traffics in really unpleasant violence. horses for courses though and complaining about violence in horror movies is a bit redundant i guess.
have you seen Mayhem yet? would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


Thanks for the heads up. It was on my list.


Haven’t seen Mayhem, no - definitely plan to; I figured I’d check Belko out first because I’d heard it was the lesser of the two, so I’m well up for it now. Also need to see Rogue - you can’t beat a good crocodile/alligator movie. I taped Alligator off the TV when I was a kid and watched it endlessly - don’t know what my parents were thinking…


As per my review of the sequel up ^there…

…I actually quite like both Strangers films. I am aware that not everyone does however.


Keeping track with 31 days of horror. Trying to watch a new film (to me) a day, and have added some favourites if I have time. I’ve had time.
This is in order, i’m ahead of schedule but still looking to watch a horror everyday. (Brackets have source youtube, kodi, tivo, dvd, blu then rating/10)
Resolution (yt,8)
Upgrade (k,8)
What Have You Done to Solange? (Yt,7.5)
Hereditary (k,8)
Sadako vs Kayako (t,7.5)
Five Dolls for An August Moon (yt,7)
The Last Exorcism (t,8)
Alien 3 (b,7.5)
Alien Resurrection (b,8.5)
Body Melt (yt,7)
A Dark Song (yt,7.5)
Imprint (yt,7)
Carved (yt,7)
Rorschach (yt,8)
Dellamorte Dellamore (d,8.5)
The Houses October Built (yt,7)
Phenomena (b,8)
Husk (d,6.5)
Silent House (b,7.5)
That’s only 11 days, haha. No, i’m not working atm.


I much preferred Mayhem to Belko. Just a more enjoyable film for me, no nastiness despite all the death! Rogue was on telly last night but only watched a few minutes. I’ve never seen flies bothering actors like they were in that! Proper annoying to watch, never mind experience.


yes 8 for the Last Exorcism, unfairly maligned film imo


You are the man. (At least, I assume you’re a man…) Some great films here - I need to re-watch Solange, was one of the first giallos I ever saw and I loved it. Only 8 for Hereditary? I feel like that’s on track to become an all-time favourite for me. Would love to re-watch Dellamorte Dellamore, too. Remember really enjoying when it first came out. I am totally envious of your ability to watch this many films.


I am a man. I only generally watch films of an evening even though i’m not working at the minute. Have been given a probable start date of 29th for new job so those last 3 may be tricky, i’ll be knackered from having to do a days work. I did watch Resolution in bed on a Monday morning, finished it by 9:30. Never done that before. And yes, avoided the Last Exorcism for ages because of idiots. Was brilliantly done, great cast too.


yes indeed on the cast, took me a while to realise the older kid was the brother from Get Out


about to watch insidious on netflix, the teaser clip reminded me of the black hole sun video. the weird smiles. will probably be bad but i’m a fan of vera farmiga and patrick wilson.


enjoyed the vibe of last exorcism, covers many things im fascinated by. if anyone knows of a real life doc where an evangelical exorcist actually blows the lid on the business, i would be well up for that too.


ok this isn’t an ed and lorraine warren film vera farmiga isn’t in it :sweat_smile:


Two episodes into The Haunting of Hill House. It’s absolutely brilliant mates. If it keeps up the tension/exposition/really horrible bits the whole way through I’ll be amazed, but yeah I’m loving it.


I love the book and wasn’t expecting much from the series for some reason, but I’m delighted that people seem to be praising it a lot


gonna go see they live for the first time!