Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Thought insidious was a bit meh tbh, trading off the same vibe as “Sinister” but with a less compelling concept.

As for Warren films…both Conjuring’s are decent…can’t say the same for the franchise affairs.


I hear that the guy behind Insidious and Sinister is making a comedy next. It’s called Funny


Read that they’re going to be in both a third Conjuring film and a third Annabelle film.


There’s a new Gareth Evans (The Raid, that great cult segment in V/H/S2) film on Netflix that is picking up great reviews

October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread

yeah i was faced with two problems with insidious - no vera farmiga and, having just finished fargo season 2, patrick wilson speaking with his normal accent. very hard to overcome, very bad. film itself worked scare wise, altho it’s a by the numbers haunting flick. a tepid 4/10, we can do better.


Yeah, Caleb Landry Jones. Straight away I was “that’s the guy from Antiviral, Caleb something” but yeah, Get Out. He plays sinister well.


Vera Farmiga is the best


Hope the new job works out. It’s been a while since I’ve watched anything at home other than late in the evening when the rest of the family are in bed. Used to love watching horror films on a Sunday afternoon - always felt that there were certain types of horror film that worked especially well at that time of day in a Sunday kind of mood…


Really looking forward to this. I’ve no idea how I’m going to find the time to watch it, mind. I love the Robert Wise version - definitely up there in my top 10 horrors. This will have to work really well to approach that film’s greatness, but if it’s as good as I’m hearing…


watched Apostle. bit messy, not original but enjoyable all the same


Watched Mandy tonight, a strange experience.

First half was a wonderful colourful Argento-esque nightmare then descended in to…well, a Nicolas cage film (which I am obviously a big fan of). Bit jarring but was an enjoyable enough ride with some great set pieces (the chainsaw fight was a lot of fun).


Also watched Brain Damage which was EXACTLY my kind of film. Nonsensical, gory, schlocky brilliance.


hmm just watched it - started off promisingly, very wicker man esque - plus yer man jamie from the thick of it!

buf then it just became way too schlocky for me tbh, thought it was quite shit by the end. maybe just not my kind of film.


also - having now just skim read that review - I find if very weird that people think schizo films like this (and like Martyrs for example) are a good/clever thing - to me it just seems like bad filmmaking


Enjoyed Apostle, even if it is at least two separate films roughly spliced together.

Dan Stevens now completely typecast as a twitchy, eye-rolling man-child.


Saw the film Terrified on Shudder. A pretty good Argentinean horror. Definitely worth watching.


Just watched 28 Weeks Later. It’s the better of the two films right? So much more coherent and some great infected mayhem.


Yup. 28 Days is actually maddening how bad the payoff is after the setup - the whole soldiers bit is roughly 10 percent as good as everything that precedes it, even with Christopher Ecclestone. 28 Weeks is great all they way through :+1:


don’t get me started


Watched last night: Roger Corman’s 1963 The Raven. Vintage horror doesn’t get much better than this. I was mainly watching this to make sure it would make suitable Halloween viewing for a horror-hating spouse and horror-curious but easily scared son. As it is, I needn’t have worried as this barely qualifies as horror at all. There’s a couple of jump scares and some potentially scary faces but that’s about it. The rest of the film is taken up with Vincent Price’s and Peter Lorre’s notionally good magicians doing battle with Boris Karloff’s bad magician. This is played pretty much entirely for laughs and breezes along on a wonderfully light atmosphere abetted by some sumptuous set design. Sure, the plot is wafer-thin, as is any real connection to Poe’s poem, but ultimately none of that matters as the main attraction is 3 genre heavyweights bouncing off each other and clearly having a lot of fun with it. This is perfect Halloween viewing for those that prefer their horror on the mellower side…