Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



hmm maybe not!


I haven’t watched any old school horror films for yonks now. Can anyone recommend? I’m thinking something similar to this -


If you ‘enjoy’ Irreversible, I’d recommend checking out Enter the Void as well. I remember watching that one weekend when my wife and son were away. I started with that and followed it with Martyrs. I was an absolute wreck by the time they got home. Happy days…


Maybe a bit obvious, but what about this:

How can you go wrong with a cast that includes Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, Roy Castle, Alan Freeman, Donald Sutherland and Peter Cushing?!?


ERM, this seems perfect! It’s not obvious to me at all!! :slight_smile: Thank yooou!!


Nice! I’m guessing you’ll really enjoy it… :blush:


downloaded Enter The Void after the Irreversible chat as I realised I’d never seen it - might try and fit it in this weekend

(Martyrs is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen fwiw)


Agree with you on Martyrs - pile of crap :-1:

Report back on Enter The Void please - I’ve also not seen that. Have never found myself…in the mood :neutral_face:


oh, as i’m here - I watched Event Horizon for the first time last night! silly little film, fun cast, hilariously abrupt ending. some genuinely unsettling imagery in there though. 7 on 10.


I watched Event Horizon with my youngest sister when she must have been all of 10 years old - thought it was going to be a good old sci-fi romp.

She had nightmares for about a week afterwards and I got a bollocking from my mum :sunglasses:


As an aside from the main Oscars 2018 thread, unusually strong showing for horror in this year’s nominations :+1:


Is Shape of Water really a horror film though

haven’t seen it obviously


Well, yes, it clearly is…

Also haven’t seen it


So… In my increasingly drawn-out multiple years-long re-watch of the Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Saturday night found me watching Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. I have a real soft spot for the F13 movies – a lot of it’s probably just nostalgia, as these were the movies that I grew up watching. I’d never seen Part VIII before though, as it came out right around the time that my horror tastes were getting a little more esoteric.

Plot summary? Sure thing! This finds a graduating class from something like Crystal Lake High School travelling by boat for a NYC vacation; unfortunately though, they have a stowaway: Jason!!! Is it any good? Of course not, at least not in any conventional sense. But it does have enough genuine WTF moments to at least be considered mildly entertaining and this late in the game, that’s got to count for something.

What’s ‘good’ here: Well, at least they were prepared to try something different. And even though this is nothing like the ‘Jason rampages through NYC’ flick that it could have been (for starters because most of the film takes place on the cruise boat that transports the cast to NY and secondly because the NY scenes were mostly shot in Canada…), just the concept alone is pretty cool. The cast is almost entirely forgettable, with the exception of the magnificent Peter Mark Richman, playing the school’s principal, maybe? (This is one of those films that never really takes the time to let you know exactly who everyone is because it’s too busy killing them all; or maybe I was just too entranced by his hair to be paying attention when this came up…) Richman looks like he was born to play ‘guest-starring’ roles in daytime TV shows like Hart to Hart and Columbo: seriously, his hair looks like it’s been carved from fucking rock. And what the fuck’s up with him anyway? At one point in the film, after Jason’s handiwork has been discovered, Richman decides that the guilty party must be the Crazy Ralph clone (‘This voyage is doomed!’ or something to that effect…), and goes off to find him armed with… a fucking flare gun! The death scenes here continue the mostly blood-less direction of Part VII (the MPAA was really cracking down on Paramount at this point), but I will say that there are some genuinely creative kills here: death by steaming hot sauna rock to the abdomen? Check! Death by drowning in barrel of nasty-looking ooze? Check! Death by guitar? Um… Check!!!

What’s bad here: Well, pretty much everything, really, but some stuff’s worse than others: the Jason make-up in Part VII was amazing, probably the best in the series. Sadly, Part VIII takes a serious step backwards, with the make-up looking like it was knocked off over a lunch-break by somebody who’d recently failed a Tom Savini correspondence course. The music here disposes entirely of Harry Manfredini’s iconic scoring from the previous films and replaces it with… really bland 80s hair metal. Bad choice. Oh, and the ending is just plain weird: Spoiler: after being engulfed by a flood of toxic waste in a sewer under the streets of Vancouver, BC, I mean, NYC, Jason reverts to the child that he was when he drowned in Crystal Lake all those years ago. Why does this happen? Does this happen in real life? WTF?

But all in all, this brought a fair few smiles to my face on an otherwise uneventful Saturday night in January and for that, Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, I salute you…


It sounds like Hereditary has gone down incredibly well at Sundance…


This sounds like it’ll be right up my street…


A few recent watches. Holidays an anthology from last year. I liked the weirder ones, St.Patricks Day and Fathers Day. Some tosh though. 6/10
The Visit M Night Shymalanananan’s low rent rebirth. Was fine. I didn’t see the twist, typical of me. 7.5/10
Profondo Rosso. Classic Argento, I do have an issue with the killer being able to kick the door down for the first kill. A fine example of the genre though. 8/10 Likewise Tenebrae just a top Giallo. 8/10
The Case of the Bloody Iris another giallo, but with Edwige Fenech is the lead role, who I absolutely adore. 8/10
Mom and Dad Pretty dodgy ground here with parents wanting to kill their kids, especially the newborn scene. Nick Cage does some of his finest Nick Cage in many a year. The mf scene at the cellar door is perfect. Well worth catching. 8/10
The Belko Experiment Not a patch on the related Mayhem which I really enjoyed. Brutal, constant slaughter at times. I liked the ending, some don’t. 7/10
Abnormal Beauty A Pang Brothers film (The Eye) from 2004 about a lesbian art student who gets obsessed with photographing death. A halfway happy ending leads to a second half Hostel type film. But it predates Hostel by a year. 7.5/10
A Lonely Place to Die Melissa George and friends find a girl in a remote part of Scotland and are persued by the nasties that put her there. Pretty decent peril. And Melissa always has my attention since Triangle. 8/10
Lots of 8/10 there, couldn’t really choose a favourite out of them.


I was holidaying in New York when this was showing in cinemas. I considered going but Manhattan was still pretty seedy in 1989 and I chickened out. I still haven’t seen it!


is mom & dad a remake of this?

one of the only films I’ve ever just turned off within like 15 mins. utter, utter garbage


the mythical lost deleted scenes of this are worth reading about.