Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Watched last night, Possum…

Had heard lots of good things about this, and was interested to see what yer man Garth Marenghi’s first foray into film was like. Obviously done on a budget, this nonetheless maxes out its potential. Sean Harris and Alun Armstrong are both fantastic in the lead roles, the imagery is creepy as fuck, the locations (particularly the Stiffkey marshes) are otherworldly and The Radiophonic Workshop provide a brilliantly unsettling score. Apparently, Matthw Holness wanted to capture the feel of those terrifying public information films featuring kids getting killed by their own bad decisions, and it certainly succeeds on that front. Definitely the type of film that stays with you long after viewing. 9/10

Also watched recently, Channel Zero: The Dream Door…

Fourth instalment from the Channel Zero crew and another one with its own distinct style – this is directed by E.L. Katz who has previously directed entertaining black comedy Cheap Thrills, which I’ve banged on about on here before. While this was enjoyable, the overall tone is weirdly uneven. Sometimes it is creepy and gory as fuck (the first episode alone has numerous jump moments and hard to watch scenes) and sometimes it seems to be being played for laughs, not helped by a laughably bad super villain character. Also, clearly owes a massive visual and soundtrack debt to It Follows. That said, when it does succeed it is absolutely sinister as hell and has some truly unique imagery. The main antagonist in particular is one of the most original creatures I’ve seen in a long, long time. Plus Barbara Crampton is in this which instantly improves anything by at least 10%. Overall, another decent chapter to the best horror series of recent years. 8/10


Also recently finished, The Purge (tv series)…

Enjoyed the first three films in the series, and was then fairly let down by The First Purge. This recovers some of the lost ground by allowing enough time to fully develop several character arcs over the course of the ten episodes all set within the Purge’s usual 12 hour time limit. There’s eventually a pay off that just about succeeds in linking the stories together. None of the main characters are super memorable in their own right, but William Baldwin and Fiona Dourif pop up to give entertaining support. 6/10



Nice reviews, as always. Hadn’t heard of Possum prior to this, but that poster is really creepy…


The whole thing is supremely creepy :grinning: Definitely recommended :+1:


@guntrip I thought it best to pop this in here.

I watched The Secret of Marrowbone last night. Written by the same person that wrote The Orphanage - and you can tell, it’s remarkably similar.

It may not be original but it is, nevertheless, very good. Slow build up, creepy, well acted and very nicely shot.


Watched on Friday night: Dead of Night: The Exorcism. Wow, this was just excellent. Dead of Night was a short-lived BBC TV show from the early 70s; there were only ever 7 episodes made, 4 of which are missing presumed dead. BFI put the remaining 3 out on DVD a few years back, but you can find this on YouTube, and I strongly recommend you do so ASAP. I’d heard that this was good but damn, this is really, really good. It’s only 50 minutes long and is well worth the investment of your time. The story takes place at a cottage in the country where the new owners have invited a couple of friends to spend Christmas with them. From the get-go, there’s a palpable sense of unease to proceedings even before things take a turn for the undeniably supernatural. The 4 principle actors are at the top of their game, but special mention should go to Anna Cropper, who has a monologue at the end that she’s 100% committed to and is absolutely gut-wrenching. For me, horror is at its best when it manages to be both terrifying and socially relevant, something this succeeds at and then some. I’d go so far as to say that this is one of the best examples of the genre I’ve seen this year and there’s probably no better time to check it out than in the run-up to December 25.


Risen From The Dead - The Rolling Horror Thread 2019

Nice article from the graun about Anna & The Apocalypse and xmas related horror in general:

Anna & The Apocalypse was one of the big hits of this year’s FrighFest, but another UK indie film also tacked the horrors of xmas and is worth checking out/currently has a minor cinema release :+1:


Really looking forward to Anna and the Apocalypse. Sadly, I’m guessing it won’t be at the movies near me, so hopefully it’ll get a DVD release soon. I showed the trailer to my horror-hating wife and even she seemed interested. In other Christmas horror news, the whole family went to a screening of Gremlins on Tuesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I re-watched Rare Exports on Wednesday – still not sure this completely fulfills its potential (show us Santa FFS) but it’s still a lot of fun. Have you seen the Dead of Night episode (The Exorcism) that I posted about earlier in the thread? Definitely worth checking out if you want some Christmas chills…


The Endless is now on Netflix


Just watched The Wailing. Completely mental. Liked a lot of it, wasn’t completely satisfied overall… felt pretty xenophobic?!

Anyway, need to see I Saw The Devil next - didn’t realise that was by the same guy as A Bittersweet Life, fucking love that film.


I loved The Wailing - my thoughts from up ^there…

The Chaser by the same guy is also worth checking out :+1:

Also, great news from The Wailing’s Wiki page :upside_down_face:


In January 2017, it was announced that UK-based Scott Free Productionsis in talks to remake the film.


No spoilers but I Saw The Devil is the only K-horror I’ve not only not enjoyed, but actively hated.


Seen The Good, the Bad, the Weird? It ain’t horror, but it’s great fun, and the action’s inventive and exciting.


Is this any good? I saw Spring and really wanted to like it, but just didn’t…


Its a lot better than Spring yeah, has a neat shout out to their other film too


Fair enough, will probably give this a look soon…


First look at Jordan Peele’s new one which is likely to be hyped to hysteria levels:

Please don’t be shit, please don’t be shit…


engage hype deflector


Blackcoat’s Daughter

deep sigh this had so many things going for it, was really engaged for an hour or so. but it then proceeded to do everything i knew it was going to do with no real flair or imagination. it even did the painfully obvious twist that i thought ‘fuck, they’re not going to do something that predictable (and nonsensical, since the two actresses look nothing alike), are they?’ turned it off after the second/third gratuitously long stabbing scene, just can’t be arsed.


Bit late to this thread, just read through everything. Massive horror/dark psychological thriller fan here. Looking forward to contributing in 2019!


Oh i really liked this (under the title of February)