Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



Watched last night, Possum…

Had heard lots of good things about this, and was interested to see what yer man Garth Marenghi’s first foray into film was like. Obviously done on a budget, this nonetheless maxes out its potential. Sean Harris and Alun Armstrong are both fantastic in the lead roles, the imagery is creepy as fuck, the locations (particularly the Stiffkey marshes) are otherworldly and The Radiophonic Workshop provide a brilliantly unsettling score. Apparently, Matthw Holness wanted to capture the feel of those terrifying public information films featuring kids getting killed by their own bad decisions, and it certainly succeeds on that front. Definitely the type of film that stays with you long after viewing. 9/10

Also watched recently, Channel Zero: The Dream Door…

Fourth instalment from the Channel Zero crew and another one with its own distinct style – this is directed by E.L. Katz who has previously directed entertaining black comedy Cheap Thrills, which I’ve banged on about on here before. While this was enjoyable, the overall tone is weirdly uneven. Sometimes it is creepy and gory as fuck (the first episode alone has numerous jump moments and hard to watch scenes) and sometimes it seems to be being played for laughs, not helped by a laughably bad super villain character. Also, clearly owes a massive visual and soundtrack debt to It Follows. That said, when it does succeed it is absolutely sinister as hell and has some truly unique imagery. The main antagonist in particular is one of the most original creatures I’ve seen in a long, long time. Plus Barbara Crampton is in this which instantly improves anything by at least 10%. Overall, another decent chapter to the best horror series of recent years. 8/10


Also recently finished, The Purge (tv series)…

Enjoyed the first three films in the series, and was then fairly let down by The First Purge. This recovers some of the lost ground by allowing enough time to fully develop several character arcs over the course of the ten episodes all set within the Purge’s usual 12 hour time limit. There’s eventually a pay off that just about succeeds in linking the stories together. None of the main characters are super memorable in their own right, but William Baldwin and Fiona Dourif pop up to give entertaining support. 6/10



Nice reviews, as always. Hadn’t heard of Possum prior to this, but that poster is really creepy…


The whole thing is supremely creepy :grinning: Definitely recommended :+1:


@guntrip I thought it best to pop this in here.

I watched The Secret of Marrowbone last night. Written by the same person that wrote The Orphanage - and you can tell, it’s remarkably similar.

It may not be original but it is, nevertheless, very good. Slow build up, creepy, well acted and very nicely shot.