Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



a lonely place to die is great! although it’s got one of the most unpleasant ‘completely innocent bystander is brutally killed’ bits in any film i’ve seen. it’s still the first thing that pops in my head about it.


No, I did wonder when I first heard about it but it’s very different.


The pissed bloke who comes in for a hug?


Or the houseowner? He got a pretty shitty deal.


actually forgot about that, that too!


You’re not missing much, but the roof-top Jason vs boxer scene is worth checking out:




Alright gang. House to myself, so fancy watching a horror, obv.

Any of the following worth watching?

The keep (Michael Mann, nazis in a haunted castle - sounds amazing)
Life force (tobe hooper, alien zombies in London, sounds amazing)
Paranormal activity
Kinda assume these 2 are shit, but maybe they’re not?
Anything else on Netflix worth watching?



I suppose you have seen It Follows?


I have not!


Then fucking watch it!


Will it be better than the keep though??


Maybe I will watch both


A few recent watches. Holidays an anthology from last year. I liked the weirder ones, St.Patricks Day and Fathers Day. Some tosh though. 6/10

The Easter one was by far my favourite :rabbit:

(I saw this at the Edinburgh film fest year before last. Kevin Smith came out with his daughter and did a completely rambling q&a. It was kinda brilliant.)


Paranormal Activity terrified me when I saw it at the cinema - I’d watch it again in a heartbeat. Lifeforce is cool too, bonkers 80s Tobe Hooper madness. With Mathilda May.


I really like the first Paranormal Activity. It has this real low-budget charm (I think the original intention was to use it to get a studio interested and re-shoot it with name actors, more money etc) and I remember finding it quite tense in places. I think it;s maybe unfairly assumed to be terrible because of the flood of cheap found-footage films that it caused, but it’s clearly a passion project for the director and I think that comes across.

The sequels have pretty heavy diminishing returns but I remember 3 being pretty good. There were some points where they seemed to be building some cool mythology into it, but predictably it never really pays off.


Thanks guys!


The Autopsy of Jane Doe is the best horror on netflix.


The Skeleton Key (2005?)

this slipped me by completely when it was released but is a really decent chiller starring Kate Hudson and John Hurt. feel like elements of it could probably be described as ‘problematic’ but if you can put that to one side it’s very good. try to avoid reading too much about it beforehand though. 7/10 just so I’m not overhyping it.


Saw Shape of Water last night. Get thee to a cinema ASAP. It’s wonderful, probably the best time I’ve had at a Del Toro movie. I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve seen by him, but nothing he’s done before has left me completely satisfied. This did. Also, second Sally Hawkins movie in 3 days, after Paddington 2 on Saturday. What a star!