Cold fingers around my throat - The Rolling Horror Thread 2018



ahhhh can’t wait. loved the book.


I haven’t read the book, but plan to do so ASAP.


Caught the train to the French Alps and back for a long weekend (had a lovely time, thanks for asking - snow conditions still fantastic out there) so had plenty of time to catch up on some film watching with a distinctly Spanish flavour (with a dash of Korea)…

Sleep Tight - This is from the same director as the REC films, and uses a similarly claustrophic apartment block single setting. Our protagonist (a Scottish James Nesbitt lookalike) is a fairly creepy Dexter type character, who nonetheless you sort of find yourself rooting for. Maximum tension is derived from the apartment settings, and this is a Hitchcockian triumph of suspense with a good twist ending. 9/10


Para Elisa - Elements of this macabre abduction thriller work well, bit overall it ends up being fairly hokey. I don’t need storylines spoonfed to me, but by the end I still wasn’t sure exactly why most of the events of the film had happened. It’s only 75 minutes long, so potentially some of this ended up on the cutting room floor. The female and male leads are pretty decent in this, even if the titular Elisa hams it up somewhat. 5/10


The Wailing - Batshit Korean ghost/zombie mashup from the guy who did I Saw The Devil. After 45 minutes I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy this as it seemed to be be played for laughs somewhat, but by the end of its plus two and a half hours runtime I absolutely loved it. The director throws everything at this, and it can be confusing at times to keep up with events. Nonetheless, the characters are great, it’s beautifully shot, is a surprisingly interesting look into smalltown Korean life, and keeps you guessing right until the very end. 9/10


Julia’s Eyes - This is directed by the guy who recently did the 12 Days Of Christine and La Couchette episodes of Inside Number 9, so unsurprisingly there is a fair amount of misdirection here. Uses some neat camera work around the partial and full blindness of the title character, and has more than a hint of Wait Until Dark about it. Something of an unusual hoodunnit with a distinctly mysterious killer on the loose, the ending feels maybe a little too Scooby Doo but is still pretty good. 7/10


Killing Words - this is a great multiple twist thriller, featuring a Keyser Soze style narrator. There are only two settings for virtually all of the film, both of which are deliberately claustrophobic. The double game of cat and mouse keeps you on your toes throughout, and you’re never 100% sure who you are rooting for. The pacing and plotting is superb throughout, as is the interplay between the film’s four principals. 9/10



Damn, you’ve been busy. I just finished Stranger Things 2. I can imagine checking out The Wailing soon (e.g. before I die), I’ve heard really good things about it…


not doing him much of a service tbh, he (Luis Tosar) is dead good in Cell 211 and Take My Eyes too


Fair tbf. It just amused me how much he reminded me of Senor Nesbitt :grinning:

EDIT: Just realised that I’ve actually seen Take My Eyes too…


Has anyone seen K-Shop?


“A kebab shop owner’s son, Salah, turns vigilante after his father’s death in an effort to clean up the relentless onslaught of boozed up thrill seekers waging war on his doorstep.”

It got a pretty decent review in Rue Morgue recently and as someone who used to live in Bournemouth (where the film’s set) and witnessed some pretty unpleasant drinking related violence, I’m wondering if this is worth checking out…?


copied from the other film thread…


i thought Sleep Tight was a compelling watch.


Yup, it’s great :+1:

Anecdotally, I feel like Sleep Tight got reasonably good international exposure right? Whereas Killing Words is still pretty much on the lowdown - I would highly recommend that as a sleeper hit…


I actually really liked K Shop. There’s a social commentary thread running through it that is rather interesting.


Nice. I watched the trailer the other day and it certainly looks like something that I’d dig…


Some of you might be interested in this - restored early version of Night of the Living Dead screening next week:


where did you watch Killing Words?


Old school - DVD :+1:


Its like £30 on amazon! Oh dear


Shit, I sold that in a bundle of horror dvds on ebay a few months ago. I may even have offered it on here for free, i dunno.


If I hadn’t lent it to my sister, which experience has taught me is the equivalent of kissing it goodbye forever, TKC could have had my copy :frowning:

I actually got it from Amazon, albeit 18 months ago, got £3…


I watched about 3/4 of The Autopsy of Jane Doe last night but I was in the house on my own and got too scared to watch the last 30 - 40 mins. Also the cats were being arseholes and hiding in places to scare me.

Can anyone tells me everything happens after they try and (unsuccessfully) burn the body.


Watched earlier this week: The Mask (1961): I’m a sucker for old movies in 3-D and for movies with a good gimmick. This has both and so had a lot going for it from the get-go. Basically, this features a psychiatrist who ‘inherits’ a mask. Whenever he puts it on, he experiences some wonderfully trippy visuals which in turn seem to awaken a murderous rage within him. That’s pretty much it for plot and that’s fine by me. The gimmick? Unlike in other 3-D movies where you wear the glasses the whole time, you only put them on here when the protagonist puts on the mask. Genius. The scenes where you’re seeing what the mask enables the good doctor to see are incredible. They’d be outlandish enough in 2-D, but that third D really pushes them over the edge. Combined with some pretty stellar sound design, they make for a genuinely freaky experience. A lot of reviews I read before watching this give the impression that these scenes are the only thing that make this worth watching, and although they definitely steal the show, I found myself pretty much captivated by the whole thing. The direction has a wonderfully languid pace to it, reminiscent of something like Carnival of Souls. I watched this on a Kino Blu-Ray which Is worth tracking down, but I think the 2-D version is on YouTube. Not a lost classic by any means, but if you enjoy old 3-D horror movies, you should definitely check this out. First full-length Canadian horror film ever too, apparently!