COLD THREAD: What's the most amount of layers you'd wear on your top half before wearing a second layer on your bottom half?

Today on my way in I was wearing a shirt, jumper, big woolly hoody and a raincoat, but only quite thin trousers on my bottom half. Not including socks and pants obviously. Tights under a skirt don’t count either, unless maybe it’s an ankle length jobby.

That’s a 4:1 ratio. I might have worn thermals under the trousers if our office wasn’t always so bloody hot, so I’ll say that 3 is the most amount I would wear without a second on the bottom. But in most cases it’s 4.

i imagine that long johns are one of those things that once you try you wouldn’t go back (except when it’s too warm for them)

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although i can’t really remember the last time i wore thermal leggings under jeans, but i have worn leggings over thick tights

So if additional pairs of socks don’t count, surely the only additional bottom half layers would be a pair of waterproofs if you were going to be doing something that involves getting fucking soaked.

4 is standard

haven’t cracked out the long johns yet this winter - it takes at least 3 -10.C or lower days in a row to feel justified

Almost never wear 2 bottom layers unless I’m lounging round the freezing flat (in which case it’s often leggings, tshirt and then a onesie).

I do wear bib tights over bib shorts on the bike though.

It has to be really cold for me to wear thermals under trousers, but it feels so good when I do.

I rarely wear more than a t-shirt/shirt under a coat, but when it’s been really cold (colder than minus 10) I have worn a thermal top, t-shirt, jumper and coat before cracking out the long-johns.

actually scoffed at “ankle length jobby” sigh…

Today I’m wearing a dress, a jumper and a coat, I’d say the most I’ve worn is 4. I’ve never worn double layers on my legs apart from going sledging in my youth, I own no thermals.

@Sketches Hard as nails.

Same here

Cold doesnt bother me really. Never wear more than 3 layers, and I usually only wear a hood cause my jackrt doesnt zip up

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I don’t think I’d ever wear 2 bottom layers. I got too hot wearing my coat on the walk up to the office this morning so ended up carrying it and strolling up in a short sleeved shirt whilst getting strange looks from everyone wrapped up in their winter coats and scalves.

My school had pretty much non-existant heating. And we weren’t allowed to wear trousers. (girls school). The super-thick lyrca tights were still really expensive then (late 90s), so everyone would wear three pairs of shit 40 denier tights on top of each other, and crackle with static all day (synthetic skirt and jumper not helping)

Totally this. Got mine on today. Especially under your typical office trousers…they are amazing.

The only time I’ve ever worn a layer under some trous/jeans was when I was in Iceland. Pretty slammin’ pair of Sondicos mind.

yeah pretty much ^this

don’t think I’d ever worn thermal leggings before moving up to Scotland and having a short term job working outside last winter. A real eye opener - sure it’s fine walking around with just trousers on your bottom half, but with the extra layer you just feel cosy as fuck.


love the tee dude

Check out this nuts coat my bf got. It’s a Mats Larsson Swedish Military coat… apparently! It is roastytoasty. He’s worn it once to walk to a friends house in the snow and was sweating by the time he got there. I just discovered it’s the same coat Bruce Willis wears in 12 Monkeys and Tom Hardy in the Dark Knight Rises. I think this might mean my bf is a total hard man (he’s not).



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If it was cold enough for me to be wearing two t-shirts, a thick jumper and a warm coat, and I was going to be outdoors for a significant length of time, then I might consider wearing a second layer underneath my trousers. The last time I did this was a few years back when I was working on a winter fair in Cambridge and was due to be standing around from 8am to 4.30pm. I ended up wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms underneath my trousers and tucking them into my two pairs of socks. Toasty.

I’m wearing two pairs of socks today but that’s standard.

Years ago I was in an army surplus shop buying some stuff, and my then bf decide to look for a coat. He’s 6ft4 and always had trouble with things like sleeves being too short.

They guy in the army shop said “I’ve got just thing thing for you! Swedish army parkas”, and he got some out. The smallest one was down below the knees of my ex. Don’t cross those Swedish soldiers, they must be terrifyingly huge.

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