COLD THREAD: What's the most amount of layers you'd wear on your top half before wearing a second layer on your bottom half?


Years ago I was in an army surplus shop buying some stuff, and my then bf decide to look for a coat. He’s 6ft4 and always had trouble with things like sleeves being too short.

They guy in the army shop said “I’ve got just thing thing for you! Swedish army parkas”, and he got some out. The smallest one was down below the knees of my ex. Don’t cross those Swedish soldiers, they must be terrifyingly huge.


Haha!! Jeez, yeah, I like to wear it for comedy value. We got my good friend who is just below 5ft to wear it, amazing. He’s 6ft 2 so it’s probably the same on him! I will get him to wear it later so I can see.


You’re hard as nails so you’d blatantly pull it off. Though if you’re not bothered by the cold you’d be a sweaty mess but a rock solid sweaty mess :wink: :+1:


always been a bit suspicious about people who wear army surplus stuff ‘in public’. Like they’ve probably got a basement full of makeshift weapons back home and go on army re-enactments at the weekend and that.


Where else would I buy clothes?


Hm, not as far as I know… :scream:


Regularly wear one of these (in fact I own two by accident):


yeah, I guess you’re fully prepared for all out warfare across multiple theaters a a moment’s notice too.


Come the revlolution …

(Ok I’m actually a pacifist with bad dress sense)


Long Johns are a godsend in these cold and troubled times. When I’m doing evening stuff I’ll probably wear socks, long johns, jeans, vest, shirt, and decently padded jacket. Works for most of the time.

Unless going to the football, in which case no matter how much I wear I will always be cold.


Way better use of your paypal money than a bottle of snail slime too.


I’ve got one too! I meant to have a rummage at my Mum’s when I was home for Christmas to see if it was still about.

Out of curiosity, what do you wear it with?


I actually have a photo I took this summer. A thing I did with a friend demonstrating how neither of our’s dress sense has improved in any way since we were teenagers. I’ll dig it out.


Been snowboarding on days where windchill takes it below -20. Base layer, T-shirt, fleece and jacket on top. Still too hot for long johns.


Haha, I’m glad to say mine has slightly improved (in my opinion). When I was at uni I went through a phase of wearing all the styles of all the clothes. I looked nuts. I blame hanging out with a bunch of people from the textiles department.


Excuse me looking like I want to punch you, that’s just my face and my natural expression, nothing personal. That’s a dark denim skirt and a plain black top. Nothing fancy.

My £30 bike also draws the scorn of Proper Cyclists.


I think this just proves you have always had excellent style. If you’ve got a good thing going, why change?


Well I guess the usual pressure that you’ve got to be glamorous, thinner, have long hair, appeal to men etc, that I try to ignore, but there’s so much of it in the world.


Ah, those bikes are a common sight around Cambridge! Though you’d probably get fleeced for three times that amount for one. You do get the odd full-kit type charging around (and a fair number of Bromptons), but most people ride old second-band bikes or fold-up shoppers.


I got it when I lived in Brighton. Everyone’s got them there, they’re comfortable, easy to fit in a hallway, and no-one bothers to nick them.