COLD THREAD: What's the most amount of layers you'd wear on your top half before wearing a second layer on your bottom half?


Yep, absolutely key. Friend of mine (who works as a speech therapist) got a new Proper Bike for her birthday a couple of years ago, replete with two D-locks. I think it lasted about a week :frowning:

Cycling in Brighton can’t be much fun, though? (Well, unless you’re going downhill).


Sigh yeah… I’m trying my hardest to ignore all that stuff too. It’s gotten to a point where it’s a bit overwhelming now when I randomly start clicking on a celebrities instagram or have a rifle through style magazines left out in a dentists/doctors. Bleh.

I’d love to pull off short hair, I tried it when I was younger expecting to look like an exact replica of Natalie Imbruglia. It turns out a short hair cut does not completely alter your face as long with it, why did no one tell me!?


Nah it’s really easy- there’s a (flat) segregated cycling path down the old Steine and along the seafront, so you just go via them and branch off if you’re cycling. I hardly used my bike when I moved to London, esp as I lived near the terrifying Finsbury Park junction at one point.


4 I wore 4 4 4


They do these in blue, and I’ve been looking for ages, but never seen one in good condition for sale. I don’t fancy the khaki version.

Blue version:


I had something similar in green but with buckle straps. I went to uni in Aberdeen and there was an amazing army surplus shop there that also had aaalllllll the vintage flares in the world! It was incredible. I loved my flares.


I used to have the canvas buckle version too- these swiss ones are in vinyl, kind of like the standard army bag and an old record box had a child.


Aaaaah, so they are!

I think we’d be able to swap wardrobes and not really notice any difference.