Coldplay or Oasis


If you had to choose between the two, which would it be?

Obviously neither are great, but the choice is between Beatles rip-off or Radiohead rip-off. Oasis are infinitely cooler, usually I’d say they’re easily the better band. But if you ignore whether they’re cool or not (you might argue neither are) and just compare their best works (songs from both of their first two albums and maybe bits of Be Here Now, X&Y and Viva La Vida) and ignore their bad stuff, it’s a bit less clear which one is better.

I think I’d rather have the option of listening to The Scientist over Wonderful, tbh.

  • Coldplay
  • Oasis

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And after allllll, you’re my Wonderful.


I’d rather listen to the back catalogue of S-Club 7 than Oasis, tbh


If “coolness” is a deciding factor in the music you choose to listen to, you need to grow up. A bit. Because It Doesn’t Matter.



Both have some genuinely good songs. Coldplay are decent for what they are, Oasis made some proper bangers in the day. Oasis for me Clive

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here, who do you prefer, coldplay or oasis ?
coldplay i mean coldplay


I’d rather nail my testicles to a piece of wood than listen to either of them.


not really an oasis fan but can’t even fathom how someone could choose coldplay here



got to be coldplay. they have at least 3 listenable songs. oasis are just everything wrong with music and everything wrong with people mashed together.


Revisited the first two coldplay albums recently and was surprised how much I quite enjoyed them. Put it down to nostalgia. The problem, for me, with both bands is the utter lack of any meaningful progression from one album to the next. Oasis definitely (maybe) take it though. Big part of my childhood. Proper 90s


Biscuit or cake?
Biscuit or cake? Let’s see.


The State of This Line Up.


Trouble by Coldplay is a proper good tune


I thought this was a stage clash at truck fest.



First and second have some belters on them


for the love of jumping Christ it’s oasis


errrr Parachutes?