Coldwar steve

  • Top notch satire
  • It’s funny I dont really get it
  • Meh
  • I like it because it’s there
  • What?
  • Is this what life has come to?

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There was a piece in one of the papers about the guy doing it for sort of peace of mind when he’d been going through a rough time, unless i’m mistaking it for another online thing, marckee will confirm either way, and i though aye, fair play to him. I don’t necessarily find it hilarious, but i can’t really be arsed with webweirds pretending they’ve not heard of stuff or dismissing popular things.

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genuinely hadn’t heard of this until googling it just now, which i’m surprised about given the number of followers, including people i know (i don’t really spend much time on twitter these days come to think of it)

starting to scroll through but not really sure i understand it so far

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Yeah me too. Isn’t doing anything for me TBH but that’s art I guess.

Cuban Missile Crisis Alan


One of those things I prefer to let other people follow and filter the better content for me.


Er… stanislav petrov?


The stuff I’ve seen retweeted into my timeline is quite amusing, but I wouldn’t follow it myself.

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Genuinely pretending to have not heard of it.

(Actually hadn’t heard of it before. He’s no Jim’ll Paint It)

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Space Race Ian

9/11 Jim

Perestroika Pat

It’s alright in general, but I crack up every time I see that photo of Cilla.


Was it his lads who were in that shit band ten years ago?

I’ve just read an Economist article on Cold War Steve and I have changed my vote accordingly.

Genuinely not heard of this. Doesn’t seem very good to me after a quick googling.

Not even in this one for the indie points. I’ve no idea what’s going on.


Coldwar Steve and the Jing Jang Jong


how do the economist think the global markets will react to cold war steve

They see him as part of an aggressively absurdist art movement along with Idles and Sleaford Mods. His work is selling, apparently.

This will be our main export industry post-Brexit