Cole Sprouse World Domination Thread

Is he the most talented person IN THE GAME right now?
How long until he unseats THEROCK/ANDYDWYER/BRENDONFRASIER/THECASTOFHANSOLO as the number 1 person in our consciousness?

I like his Camera Duels instagram account

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Absolutely no idea who that is

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Wait, is Cole actually taking this quiz right now? You two could really be twins—with your smarts, silliness and air of mystery. Sorry, Dylan—you’ve got some serious competition here!

Big fan of Dylan

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I assumed this was the soccer thread

johann sprouse

proper composer

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Brussels Sprouse


It’s Cold Sprouts’ world, we just live in it

He’s a Cole
He’s mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out

We’ll take the Sprouse Mouse. Hop in!


Discovered the other day the sprouts boys were the lil kid in Adam Sandler/Jon Stewart romp ‘big daddy’

So there’s that

You’re thinking of James ward-cole-sprouse


DONNY: did you hear the latest synth-scapes from Sprouse Schulze

RONNY: i’ll get to em when i’ve finished listened to the latest synth-scapes from Ulrich Sprouse

DONNY: yeah fair play thye’re poth totally colesmic dude

SONNY: do you guys want to donate to my kickstarter it’s for a high street version of kickstarter

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He’s a right prick (cn: abuse, unintentionally {but still, mate, have a word with yourself} racist comments)

Nailed it.

It’s been a wild journey tonight. Looks like it’s over.

I’m sorry to have been the bearer of bad news :pensive:

Edited because ffs I can’t type tonight!!!