Collaborative story

Lets write a story together. I’ll start.

‘It was a dark and stormy night. The famous man sat at his laptop and logged in the DiS messageboard…’

penis darkness penis darkness


Read the title of the Thursday Filth thread.

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He’d recently had success with his vegetable patch.

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So he decided to share. Overshare, if the truth be told. Unperturbed by his newness, he set about explaining the murderous events that had led him to his garden success.


The end.


Or was it?

He began typing. ‘Where you end, I begin’…

MC Shit Thread


jordan_229 turned up. He smelled of BO as usual, had gravy stains on his clothing and was carrying a bag of empty Carlsberg Special Brew cans. “Here MC dick’ead shitthread blah blah can i borrow ya WiFi I need to post some snark on this internet forum”

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is this MPBH?

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Said Lawrenson to Hanson.


holding out hope its not him because it would be a bit sad if it was

Not sure who else it would be? Not really obt’s style.

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I’m clearly too naive. Was well looking forward to a lil silly story. In fairness it was pretty rubbish tho

, she said as she screwed up the paper.

What was that all about, she thought, Ophelia had said that automatic writing was the key to the soul… a means of navigating the labyrinthine depths of the self.

Yet, she thought now, idly twirling her hair, this only raises more questions…

She was distracted in her reverie by a knock at the door


Yeah, it is him innit.

Fucks sake.

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This made me lol