Colleague interaction

What’s your play? There’s a guy here who every time I seem him will do a full on hello and discussion, even if we’ve already done it twice that day (I don’t really know him – he’s important).

  • Full hello and discussion every time you see them
  • Hello and discussion first time, simple acknowledgment going forward
  • Just a word/head nod every time
  • Head nod first time, nothing on repeat visits
  • Fuck all, what am I a welcome party?
  • Something else (tell me)

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I think you just have to suck it up and play by his rules. Sorry.

Even if that means having excruciating conversation about the weather, the traffic or some sporting event you don’t even care about every fucking day.

Sorry mate.

What are you saying @Witches?

Yeah, I just find it odd. Goes against the established norms.

Hiya, eeerrr, I sort of clicked that in the midst of rushing around so didn’t really consider my response properly… UMMMM, well it depends doesn’t it? If it’s a colleague I liked then I’d get the chat with them every single time I saw them, if it was someone I didn’t like as much I’d probably say “Hello” followed by random rambling nonsense and then any other times after that I’d say a jolly hi hello hi hiya awkward wave and try and avoid any further conversation.

I feel a bit bonkers today, I just downed a Mocha without really having any breakfast so this answer is probably all kinds of wrong.

anything to put off doing anything actually useful innit

Tell them to log on to if they want to interact with me whilst I’m at work.


that’s what I told my manager

If he does that, he’s part of the problem.

just tell him

PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE CAR (could be desk or table, whatever’s more convenient) AND GET READY TO DIE.

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