Colleague quotes 2.0 (rolling)

I think so yeah. Must be something vaguely soft that doesn’t require too much mastication

Christ, people are odd.


Surely that requires a greater level of dexterity and concentration than the conventional one spoon method.

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Although “raise spoon to mouth” is less taxing when you don’t need to think which hand you’re holding the spoon in.

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¯\ _ (‘-’) _/¯


:spoon:¯\ _ (’-’) _/¯ :spoon:


Feel the rhythm with your hands
(Steal the rhythm while you can)


fucking hell emergency mute button on conf call :smiley:
done me good + proper there epimer u old dog


We use to have someone who would take a spoon full of cereal from the cereal box and then take a drink milk each bite instead of just getting a bowl.


‘When did you do Veganuary? Last month?’

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“I went to see that Peter Rabbit on Monday, it’s so good”
“I Know ,you’ve said 4 times. It does look funny”

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Which one is you in this conversation?

the one going online to register my disgust!

Doing a bit of temping over Easter and had a few corkers already.

“I can’t stand beer, me. I made up this phrase a few years ago: ‘beer tastes like piss’.”

“It’s wear your own clothes to work on Fridays”. [I mean, I get what they are trying to tell me, but I had to fight really hard not to reply with a smart arse comment about usually wearing my own clothes all week.”]

“You can tell she’s Chinese because on the phone she sounds like she can’t speak properly.” :frowning:


Got in to an argument with a co-worker the other day because he said Jewish people being concerned about antisemitism in the Labour party was them “playing the Jewish card” and being unable to take criticism of Israel.

Bit of a twat, really.

It’s actually at a well-known company that manages international haulage, and they have to liaise with people from all over the world all the time. In a way I found the racism especially surprising cos of that.

In fairness to the company as a whole though, I have sat with about six different teams last two weeks, and all bar these two twats having the above conversation were very good eggs. And crucially, not racist twats. Still… :rage:

Becky just said ‘I like beef’

Looks like a fanny, if you really try!

Paul Weller - he is the bloke from the Beatles isn’t he?

I always pronounce it like that and I’ve only now just realised how stupid I’ve been, huh!