College Football 2022

Probably only me and @hip_young_gunslinger in this thread but why not? So excited for the new season, so many story lines abound. Kicks off tomorrow Northwestern and Nebraska playing in Dublin. Transfer portal best its ever been.

Next weekend #5 Notre Dame @ #2 Ohio State as big as it gets.

Alabama AP preseason ranked #1 but honestly think this is Ohio States year. CJ Stroud leading that prolific offense.

Some elite QB’s on display that will be NFL caliber in CJ Stroud, Bryce Young (Bama), Dillon Gabriel (Oklahoma), Tyler Van Dyke should be fun to watch at Miami.

Any and all comers welcome, get on in.

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Didn’t realise the game functioned as a season kickoff. Hard for us to parse over here what a deal it is

It’s not a big deal here either don’t worry haha. Two very mediocre teams playing in another country. Just happens to be the first televised game here to kick off the season at 12:30PM tomorrow. :smile:

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Hell yeah.

Fascinated to see what Riley will do at USC.

A few intriguing QB prospects to keep an eye on (Richardson at Florida?)

Is Texas finally on the rise?

Can Tucker keep his Spartan magic going?

Let’s goooooo

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Might see you in Dublin next year eh?


Couldn’t think why this guy seems familiar, realised he follows me on Twitter randomly

What a hurdle!


Im in Dublin, so many Americans. Made up so silly chantsm

Might et a Virginia Tech shirt

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Not having a true number 1 QB “biblical”. What a cunt.

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This is great to see mainly because much like the Premier League, in college football there is no beer served during game time in the stands unless your football stadium is located off campus. My home state’s team the UConn Huskies is one of less than probably 10 in college that can. To bad they are the worst team in Division 1 and no one goes to games anyways.

Turned on the Bama Texas game, sat through 10 minutes of ads, finally get to some action, Bama score a TD in a single 81-yard run. Back to ads.


Not too mention Quinn Ewers and his mullet just got trounced on his shoulder. Still down.

So wild day yesterday eh?

Bama squeaks one out on last second field goal (Texas FG kicker misses a chip shot from 20 in the first half).

Appalachian State upsets #6 Texas A&M in Kyle Field.

Notre Dame continues to look abysmal with a home loss to unranked Marshall.

Washington St upsets #19 Wisconsin in Madison.

and Scott Frost still has a job this morning remarkably at Nebraska after a home loss to Georgia Southern.

You sure :wink:

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Michigan State wyd

Oh no

Going to be one of those seasons

Honestly looks like he toe pokes this but you can’t argue with results

Always a wonderful thing seeing Alabama go down. 52 points alllowed by a Saban defense, ouch.


Uiagaleilei BENCHED. Really nicely set up clemson - syracuse game now