College Football 2022

Always feel so bad for college players in these situations. Before today he’d thrown 17 tds, 2 ints and won 7 of 7.

One bad half he’s lost his spot, any chances of being a first round pick, probably suddenly got to transfer and play another college season somewhere

Good game some bad no calls I thought against Clemson down the stretch. Home field advantage eh.

Some good 3:30 matchups just kicking off, #9 UCLA vs #10 Oregon (someone please tell Phil Knight to stop pumping money into his alma mater, please take a took at their uniforms today. Never seen anything so disgusting). Can Steve Sarkisian keep it rolling with Bijan Robinson and # 20 Texas on the road at #11 Oklahoma State, #7 Mississippi at LSU. Should be a nice couch Saturday seeing as GF out for the evening. Looking forward to it.

We’ve got Ole Miss - LSU. Think I’d be watching OSU - Texas if I had the choice

I’ll be switching back and forth from all three, but primary focus is Oklahoma State as I bet them +6.5 :grin:

College football pass interference rule is so stupid.

Everytime a corner is beaten deep they should just jump on the receiver.

Bijan Robinson is a player. Alvin Kamara esque at Tennessee, going to be a stud at next level.

Wonder just how high he’ll go. If I were a GM I’d never, ever take a rb in the top 10 under any circumstances but someone will fall in love with him

Dependent on team needs and who comes out etc. I’m not passing up the chance of taking him in the 10-15 slot if my team has a need at RB. I know the shelf life not there with RB’s anymore, but this guy has a chance to be much like a Kamara for me. Very low to the ground runner, with bowl a guy over if needed, remarkable change of direction, catches and moves out of the backfield with ease.

I think he has a serious window of 6-7 solid years (obviously baring injury) of 1300-1500 all purpose yards in those seasons. I think he’s that good.

Robinson another 52 yard TD burst. Haven’t been this excited watching a back in college in awhile.

Wasn’t even him never mind was Roschon Johnson pfffttt, eerily similar running styles. Sark might finally be getting Texas back to prominence with big Arch on his way in the recruiting class.

Mad that they’ve recruited the top QB in back to back classes. Manning to sit for a year or Ewers to transfer?

Yeah that’s probably the most likely scenario I would imagine. Arch going to come into town breaking the back with endorsement NIL deals as a freshman will only draw the heat on Ewers.

Ewers not exactly lighting it up in the past quarter.

How’s that bet looking Neil?

It’s the hook that brings you back as Blues Traveler once said. Believe in Sanders though and the originator of the mullet in this game Mike Gundy.

Fair play @NeilYoung, enjoy your dirty money

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Dumping it all on the Lions tomorrow off a bye!

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Safe as houses pal, what could go wrong

Jerry Jones calling Goddell out this week fix is in, too many points. Dak’s going to be rusty, I actually love that play.

Become quite invested in the UCF / Cincinnati game. Have always had a soft spot for UCF since their 2017 snubbing.

Sorry to keep spamming my top dog. But Bijan Robinson watch:

15 carries 161 yards, TD at halftime @ #13 KSU. Whoa mama.

I love college football

Upside down whatever