College Football 2022

Would love to know when the last time Clemson and Alabama lost on the same day.

This is the kind of college scoreboard I look for. 638 total yards, 7 passing TDs and another rushing Clayton Tune? Good try but that’s just not getting it done.

  • Clayton Tune
  • Stacy Snead
  • Nathaniel Dell
  • Tanner Mordecai

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Ohio State/Michigan today at noon.


Michigan going all in that 2nd half. Didn’t think they had it in them without Corum. McCarthy, Edwards and that defense man. Day seems like he’d crumble under pressure in a pop warner game. His teams seem pretty gutless. All fine and dandy until someone punches you back. Biased but I’m leaving them out of the playoffs.

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Yeah McCarthy big game. They are still in the playoffs for me as there is no way I’m putting a two loss LSU team in there.

Im leapfrogging USC if they take care of the Irish. Think the committee will be tempted to as well.

Oh christ, I was watching the end of the Mexico/Argentina match didn’t see Michigan ended up with 45! On the road taboot. Yeah that’s a drubbing, you’re right if USC win they catapult them. Just have a hard time justifying LSU.

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The Trojans have fluffed it. Door open for OSU.

Lmaooooo LSU just fucked up so bad. How many people will die in Brian Kelly’s practices as a consequence of that blunder?

Omg now a helmet interception. This game has it all.

so what do we think for the CFP 4?

I’ve got

  1. Georgia
  2. Michigan
  3. TCU
  4. Ohio State

I can’t put a two loss team in there on merit alone. Hate that Ohio State will get another shot after getting spanked by Michigan at home but seems to be the fair play.

Did you catch Saban peddling his nonsense about ‘Bama dervese it at halftime of the big ten championship.

Not the biggest fan of this format but think the got the teams and seeding right.

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That was a fantastic Fiesta bowl. All the Michigan fans who are going to get salty about targeting is just the icing on the cake. Bye bye Jim!

I want this

My god just watched the highlights of the peach bowl. What a pair of games!

Stroud did a lot for his draft prospects there. The kicker, not so much.

Teams forgot what defense is eh?

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The amount of Lions fans who’ve been banging the table for Jalen Carter and Kelee Ringo… let’s hold the horses on that.

Well, I’ll say this for TCU: they made it to the Championship game.

Let’s not talk about what came after.

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