College football bowl prediction DiS group! (ffo: 🏈, 🏆)

Niche interest, but as scouted out in the NFL thread:

  • you will need to create an account on the ESPN website.
  • use this link to find the DiS Bowl Mania group and create a set of picks. The group password is ‘puntoff’
  • plesse select ‘straight’ mode and either use your DiS username or post your entry name in this thread so we know who each other is.
  • bowls start on Saturday so picks have to be completed by then.
  • happy to help and answer any questions
  • there will be a small prize and/or trophy for the winner.
  • knowledge of College Football is not mandatory.

@anon26275971 @Aggpass @ghostpony @jont2001 @Unlucky anyone else? @profk or @incandenza maybe?


god, i know nothing about college football. but am down for this regardless.

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This is my mum’s system!

Actual college football knowledge is completely optional, still a lot of fun even without knowing anything :grinning:

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Just for your fyi: don’t pick the games based on local weather sd they are all played on neutral sites.

I’m espnfan(numbers) can’t seem to chance it.

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I’m J…90

You look quite a bit younger.

I don’t know which interpretation of that joke is correct. I should probably go to bed if my brain can’t work that out.

think I’m gonna join in on this. don’t know anything about college football but I really don’t like people having fun without me


I was implying you were saying you were 90 years old, I need to go to bed too

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bit forward mate

Ok, that one. That makes most sense. Goodnight :sleeping:

Its actually backwards, left a bit then forwards. (Fucking hell).


I’m in. No idea about college football, and my username was already taken so I had to add a little something to it, but I’m in. I like to be involved.

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I had to pick the one spelt ‘oranbge’. I don’t know if that was a typo or some US thing but fuck it.

Also it took me ages to work out how to join the group because this bit

was so unlike the rest of the UX on the page I assumed it was an advert and just kept ignoring it.

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Tbf, that Orange can be pretty menacing fierce.


I don’t know enough about college football to make predictions, but this is quite heartwarming in the circumstances

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Almost no one participating does, don’t let that stop you! (alright if you don’t want to, but a lot of bowl games are a coin flip pretty much to who wins so itnis really hard to do really badly at these predictions)

Got my dates all confused when I started this, it is open for entry until next Saturday (15th).

Wish bowl season was starting already, I need some bowl action.

Bahh I just did my picks.