College football bowl prediction DiS group! (ffo: 🏈, 🏆)


Tbf, that Orange can be pretty menacing fierce.


I don’t know enough about college football to make predictions, but this is quite heartwarming in the circumstances


Almost no one participating does, don’t let that stop you! (alright if you don’t want to, but a lot of bowl games are a coin flip pretty much to who wins so itnis really hard to do really badly at these predictions)


Got my dates all confused when I started this, it is open for entry until next Saturday (15th).

Wish bowl season was starting already, I need some bowl action.


I still kind of want to know more about college football, but I don’t really have it in me to join in with this. sorry :frowning:


Bahh I just did my picks.


No worries, maybe next year might be better for you :slight_smile:


BULLDOGS! BULLDOGS! BULLDOGS! :cow: :dog: :football:


there are a LOT of teams called the bulldogs i noticed.

also a lot (thinking bout it maybe not a lot but at least one) of sides who used to be called ‘The Normals’ but changed their nickname for some reason.



Ohhhh, yes you’re right…



oh wow this is unfortunate because i’m a lifelong committed fan of the texas longshorts and now we’re enemies.


Bring it, Trixxynipsy!




Yeah! More like Sexass Dongshorts!


Last chance to get in on this folks, Bowls start 5pm GMT tomorrow!