College Football Playoffs Are Here!

Who’s pumped up? Should be a couple of good games today. Getting a keg of Newcastle for the start of the Notre Dame game with some pals coming over. Who wins today?

I think both underdogs keep it close, with notre dame possible winning. Alabama wins in a tight high scoring affair.


This is quite mean. I hope you have a nice time watching your footers m9.


I’ll probably watch a bit of the first game.

Will probably not catch mich of the first due to logistics, will hopefully catch the second but not until tomorrow night.

More interested in the Redbox bowl, because Oregon, but not on the tele here :-1:

@NeilYoung probably not going to get much chat here, but we have a predictions group:

Come on you ducks


When we in the U.K. say Notre Dame for football should we be saying it the U.S way?

No-ter Daym, not Not-rer Darm… if that is what you mean?

I do mean this.

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Reddit CFB streams is your friend (I’ll be watching for MSU)

Watched some of the Michigan game earlier but it was so one sided, was hoping for some excitement now with Clemson but ND don’t seem to have it together. Expect Alabama later could be fun but won’t stay up that late. Kyler Murray is such a good story, would be amazing if he decided to stick with football.

@anon89873996 this game is pure puke, impressive really.

Kind of glad I couldn’t watch it now (asleep before it finished, no point finding a stream for it). Couldn’t believe it was 0 - 0 when I checked at the half, I know Oregon aren’t as high scoring as when I started watching them but I have never known them involved in a game like this in my limited time.

Glad to come out on the right side of it though. Herbert is probably glad he already picked staying for his senoir year rather than ending on that.

Just as I posted he threw the only touchdown of the day, but yeah, I was thinking it wasn’t a particularly good showcase for his future draft stock, no matter how good MSU’s defence is. The Spartan’s offence has been dire all year, probably the most boring team to watch in the country.

Saw something that said the game was the lowest scoring bowl game in over a century, which is crazy.