Colossal Sauce (Ethically Dubious Business Crowdsourcing Thread)

Previously on Colossal Sauce:

In case you missed the wonderful raffle thread (thanks again to @anon89873996 for organising such an amazing event!) I offered a trio of DiSers the chance to have bespoke hot sauces made for them as prizes. After some experimenting and a few hitches along the way I think all in all it went rather well. And as a result of all the lovely feedback I got and interest from DiSers witnessing my hot sauce adventures I’ve decided to go pro.

Well, pro-ish.

(Picture credit: @nav)

So my kitchen is now registered as a place of business and I will have my Food Hygiene certificate very soon. I’m setting up a webstore, working with a graphic designer (aka my mate Ben) on polishing up the branding and getting set up with wholesalers and such. Which leaves me with one key thing I need to sort out: the sauces.

The Grand Plan is to have 3 sauces permanently available and do small runs of more outlandish sauces that aren’t feasible to sell in massive quantities. Sort of like a craft brewery, or an indie label (appropriately enough for something cooked up on DiS). I’m going to do versions of raffle successes Dark Side of the Bulb and El Lycheedor (I’d like to do Spicy Poirot but that’s a more difficult sauce to scale up atm) and one other as yet undecided sauce. I’ve nearly settled on the final recipes for those two but I need taste testers to give them a whirl before deciding on what to run with.

And that’s where DiS comes in.

(Picture credit: @83746725)

I’m gonna send out a couple of 100ml sampler bottles of versions of the sauces to a bunch of interested people to test out. All I ask in return from the recipients is a) an honest and unvarnished assessment of the two options and b) that they’ll at least think about washing and returning the bottles so I can steralise them and use them for further taste testings. I dunno how much sauce I can realistically afford to send out without bankrupting myself – I’m planning to have enough to send to at least 10 people - so if there’s a lot of interest I may have to pick users at random to send to. So if you do request to be sent some sauce I can’t guarantee you’ll receive any. But I’ll try and arrange discounts for anyone who even attempts to participate once I’m up and running. No payment will be expected for these sauces but I’ll gladly accept any tips people care to throw my way on PayPal. All being well I should be sending stuff out early March time.

(Picture credit: @plasticniki)

So who’s in?

  • Sauce me up horseman!
  • No sauce for me horse
  • I’m not entirely happy with the boards being used this way tbh

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With regards to bespoke sauces I think I might offer this as a DiS only service, at least for the time being. A few people said they might be interested in having custom hot sauces made for them and I really enjoy doing this but I think it could be tricky to run with the general public without running into problems. If anyone still fancies this drop me a PM and we’ll see if we can work out a price and time frame that makes sense for both of us. It all depends on the ingredients y’see - I have no intention of gouging anyone on these lovely forums but if you want a sauce made out of some £50 a shot whisky or something similarly rare and decadent then the price is gonna be pretty high.

Any business tips or suggestions welcome. I’ve been doing plenty of research I’m not going to claim to have half a clue what I’m doing yet.

Tl;dr: I’m totally exploiting the goodwill of DiS for personal profit but you might get some free sauce out of it so it’s all cool, right?


aww this is lovely!

hit me up if you ever want any silly ms paint artwork on your sauces too :wink:


veins full of flavour


I won’t put myself down to receive sauce as I think there are people who would far more enjoy it (and can handle the spice better!) but I am very pleased that you are going ahead with this. Good luck!


I’ll definitely be taking you up on that. I fully intend to do a short run of Drowned in Sauce with some Bam artwork on it at some point (@sean doesn’t mind me me using that name of course).


Re the branding. If you start shifting any decent numbers youre gonna get shafted for using anything like the poirot and pink Floyd ones


I don’t want the crushing responsibility of taste testing, but will buy sauce once you are up and running for sure

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Oh yeah I know. I really want to use Spicy Poirot because it still makes me laugh but I’ll be steering clear of any copyrighted works.

The title of this thread made me think there was some crowdfunding to contribute to! Which I was getting my card out for :joy: (srs though, Kickstarter or something might be good for this?)


Veins Full of Garlic


Also is this the sort of thing you could utilise some kind of crowdfunding or something like that to help you get started?

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I hadn’t thought of doing a kickstarter tbh. Having the start up costs covered would be very handy obvs but I’m not sure I want the pressure of having a bunch of people all paid up and waiting for sauce. I think I can do this off my own back starting small and slowly ramping up to inevitably becoming a hot sauce billionaire but if I do struggle for funds it’s definitely something I’ll be considering.

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mark me down as a customer my good man, I don’t want the pressure of giving you valuable feedback. think the best Id muster up was ‘its dead nice’ or something.
so yeah, let me know when the webstore is up and running :+1:

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that’s fair enough

more than happy to be a tester / or not / I will definitely buy a lot of sauce from you though

i know my thoughts on Spicy Poirot were OMG IT’S AMAZING but that’s because it genuinely was, I would tell you if something was shit or could be improved, I think

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Well this has cheered me up no end. Sounds fucking great CoHo, I’m in.

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ooh that’s strong


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it’d shit vampires right up as well

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I’m well up for testing (and happy to throw some money your way at least for postage to do so).

I’ll also be hitting you up for a custom sauce at some point (don’t want or expect a DiScount either).

Hope you manage to get the balance between enjoying it and it not bankrupting you.

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Limited Disintegration State album that’s a hot sauce with a download code, please.