Colossal Sauce (Ethically Dubious Business Crowdsourcing Thread)

The main difference is the chillis - Orange Habanero vs Bhut Jolokia. But the balance of flavours between the two is different as well - the garlic content is different (one has roast, smoked and sauteed whereas the other is just roast & smoked) and the lime/liquid smoke/molasses content differs too. Ideally I’d be tweaking things one bit at a time but that’d be incredibly time consuming.


Ooh that sounds like it could work a treat. Using branded products (especially one as unique as Irn Bru) is probably not wise but I can imagine the flavour of that tasting lovely.

I’ve had an irn bru chilli jam before in a pub, they’ve got away with it. You could call it iron brew instead.

I think so long as it’s low key enough for Big Irn Brew not to notice I’d probably get away with it. Might try and sneak a limited run under a legally distinct name in at some point. Definitely gonna have to see what it tastes like anyhow.

As the creative originator can I try that one please?

Metallbräu (all flames, skulls and tartan)

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That seems only fair. If anyone gives me an idea I go on to use I reckon sending a taster their way is the least I can do.

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I’d be well into that. Or Vimto

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If I get back in time on Sunday I’ll be cooking Version B then, if not it’ll be Monday. Got some Trinidad Scorpion chillis to use in that. Should be…interesting.

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Girder Brew


Sorry - only just seen this (not on DiS as much at the moment). Suspect @Epimer may already have covered it, but if you need any help/advice in relation to trade marks or the legal side of branding, hit me up…

Looks amazing btw - congratulations

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I used to get them from an ace stall on Cardiff market called Clancy’s. Now I’m going up in scale I’m checking out different suppliers. My latest batch is from Chilli Wizards. Haven’t tested them yet but they look better than the last lot I tried. Better selection too.

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I don’t know what I’m fucking doing, this is your territory.

Thank you! That will definitely come in handy as I try and use increasingly legally dodgy/straight up libelous puns for my sauces.

Breaking Bad S2E10 needed punching up slightly

Just thought you should know that last night I had a dream where I’d opened a deli and was selling bottles of Colossal Sauce.

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Delintegration State?


I struck out on finding fresh lychees again over the weekend. 3 supermarkets: no dice. Pretty sure I know where I can grab some but I am slightly concerned about the viability of Lychee Libre as a core sauce. I’m trialing tinned lychee in one of the iterations which might make more sense but obvs it depends how the flavours compare.

Anyways, further delays on the next taste test. Gonna limp over to the ASDA in Cardiff later and hopefully kick on with it all shortly.

Not in Barry, no. There’s a few in Cardiff but getting to them without the car is a pain. Should have that sorted soon thankfully. Have they noticed whether they tend to stock them seasonally or whether can you get them all year round?

Hmm, I think I need to pop and have a chat with them. I made the last lot with a bunch I bought in ASDA in November & December so hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to get them over Winter. Better check before I commit to it as a core sauce though

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