Colossal Sauce (Ethically Dubious Business Crowdsourcing Thread)

If you can hold out until 2047, it’s all yours.

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This is a cracking idea. I am getting married next year and think little bottles of a besoke wedding batch might make a good small gift for guests. Might hit you up in a few months time!


Might have to save the last drops of my El Lycheedor so I can sell it on eBay in 30 years as the first ever bottle.

I’m well up for being a taste tester and happy to chip in the postage money and return the bottles to mean you’re not out of pocket. Feel like the lychee sauce should go before a completely new set of judges but for future concotions count me in!

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I would love to be a tester. I am a spice warrior and love garlic and lychees, sweetness and saltiness, OMG I WANT HOT SAUCE NOW> I’d be happy to paypal you the P&P in each case if that would help you. xx


That p&p idea is a good one. I’ll do the same if chosen :+1:t2:


That said, you do get a lot of craft beers with names that are puns on probably trademarked things in the public domain

This post gave me an aneurysm.


BTW - if you want to keep costs down for the samples, if you search eBay for something like ‘thin plastic bottle’ you can buy bottles that can be posted for the price of a large letter as opposed to a small parcel. Not sure how expensive the bottles will work out compared to bigger glass ones, but might be worth investigating.


I already said it dammit!

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When you’re selling properly, get in touch with the guys at Hop Burns & Black, they’re highlight a new hotsauce every week on their newsletter which I imagine is about as big as hot sauce promotion gets.


I’m getting married in November and I’m making my groomsmen their own bespoke hot sauces as a wedding gift. Not even sure if they all like hot sauce but it’s what they’re getting damn it.


Apologies. I’m sleep deprived today and can’t form coherent sentences.

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If they can get away with Elvis Juice, I’m sure you can get away with Poirot

This is a good call - I was going to grab some nice glass bottles but there’s not really much need at the testing stage is there?

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Smee pls

what? don’t show off I’m obviously correct

Thanks for the tip - I’ll definitely do that. Just need to try not to blow all my start up funds on boxes of beer and sauce now I’m aware of them…

Can you think of one notable difference between Hercule Poirot and Elvis Presley?

Thank you, I appreciate that :+1:

If any of you guys were secretly thinking, “man what a terrible sauce” NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP BEING NICE!

One was the very spirit of sexy rock n’roll and the other one was Elvis.