Colours your hair has been



I think my current hair colour is grey, but if I actually grew it out long enough to check then a more evocative colour description would probably be “tramp”.


I was going to select taupe, because it looks like toupee.

Had brown hair, until it fell out aged 7/8. Proof:


do you mean people who tell you they don’t like tattoos because you have one ? or just generally.


My hair is naturally dark brown, about 10 years ago I bleached it white blonde but then had to get it cut short because it resembled straw. Dyed it back after about a year.

Now it’s just brown with some grey.

Edit: that’s a lie because I dip-dyed it so the ends are a coppery colour.


you get a lot of guys who say they don’t like when women have tattoos

I don’t personally have any cause cba but would totally get some


ah righto. I’m not a big fan of them all round but can’t imagine going round telling people. Bit of a dickish thing to do. Although that is exactly what I’ve just done :grinning:


PLEASE say you have photos from this era you can share


When I got up this morning : brown
now : blonde


what happened?


I dyed it, as I regularly have done for the past twenty years.


His cousin already told us we look like we could be siblings



Was very ginger as a young lad but got steadily more brown over the years.


Can’t make a statement like that and not provide pics.


I think they look sexy


I think you might be right actually…



photos do exist, but fuck knows where i’d find them

might have a look tonight


This should be your #1 priority right now