Combat Cake Culture in 2017



Fat chance in this office.


Absolutely livid about this.


I always bring in savoury treats for my birthday (sausage rolls, scotch eggs etc) as my birthday falls so close to coming back after xmas that I’m pretty sure nobody would actually want to be eating cake




fine by me, not a fan in the slightest

obligatory seinfeld reference:


People enjoy scotch eggs and sausage rolls


Who doesn’t like cake? Fucking hell eric, you’ve outdone yourself with this one.



too heavy, always forced to eat it when you don’t want any.


I’m on a diet so I don’t eat the cake that people bring in, or just have a small amount


With a few notable exceptions, cake is just shit bread that you can’t put butter on. And way too many people who think they can bake, can’t, and you have to shovel a crumbly, dry mess into your mouth while pretending it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.


Extremely irked at the responses in here so far. For the second time today, I’m done.


The number of pairs of trousers my arse has burst out of since I started working in this office :flushed: Moved to a different dept now and there doesn’t seem to be the same cake culture, although it could just be coz there’s fewer people. I hope I’m wrong, bloody love a nice bit of cakey


The race for hottest take of 2017 has begun


*shittest take


*shittest cake


*shittest mate


Can I come on your*Tittest mate?


i don’t find cake at work a treat. I’m at work. It’s a shit place to eat cake. I wanna be on the sofa in my pjs or in a nice cafe. Not with these plebs in this freezing cold office.


Cake is good for fucks sake.

I will always eat cake if there is some. Always.