Come celebrate with me, friends



(this is from two years back, thought I had sorted it but maybe only did the gas or elec element)

(only slight annoyance is that today is annual bonus day and also a month without council tax - they could have saved it for when I was more broke)


What you going to buy with that windfall?

Congratulations btw!


Nice one Lonzo.

We got our full deposit from our rented place back today. Happy about that.


Blatantly says “Mr Balonz”


Thank you. Will go towards our holiday which we still haven’t booked yet (which at last count was going to be in Pembrokeshire).

However I have told my wife that I have bought an xbox one.


How did that go down?


No reply as yet. I don’t think she will believe me as she knows me to be too wonderful.


nice bit of Wonga there JDB


I have evenly distributed likes to all the celebrants.


You’ve got some minerals mate, especially after that coffee maker you dropped on her.


tap us a fiver


Me? I’d give it to chazza because I’m quite the big shot.


well done on the money thing there


Yeah, I probably should make a donation from it. Not sure what I was going to do with the 36p anyway.


Really chuffed for you pal.


Nice one mate!


I found my last Egg savings account statement from 2006 yesterday. £10.10 and it was receiving 36p interest a year so I thought I might be getting close to £15 quid.

After faffing around registering with Yorkshire Building Society, it turns out no one’s paid it any interest in 5 years and it’s only about £11.50. Fucking disappointing.


i was worried that this might be a scam so I’m glad it’s not


I only had to give them details to two credit cards, my NI number and a picture of my cock.


ah the old cock identification method