Come dine with me: champion of champions


they make dinner for the come dine with me narrator at his house.


he looks like what I imagine balonz looks like.

more on this as it develops.


oh my word


Seen this once. Fucking hated it. They basically change the entire format of the show to something like a cross between Masterchef and Ready Steady Cook but utterly shite.


i saw this once and it was basically olden day lloyd grossman masterchef but with two ladies in a country kitchen?? might have been dreaming idk


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yeah it’s pretty much that but I get the feeling the contestants are deliberately trying to be shit.

also there is a celebrity chef judge, that welsh dude glynn something


UPDATE: it’s really bad


It’s not even good shit weekday tv. It’s just shit, the kind of shit that gets stuck your shoe and leaves shit stains all over your house reminding you how shit that shit really was everytime you go to use the stairs.


Wait till Dinner Date or Four in a Bed are on!