Come Dine With Me -- Now On Netflix!!!

Currently having a binge of CDWM on Netflix. The first set of episodes are classic, don’t want to spoil it but it’s worth the watch.

The couple’s CDWM is hit and miss, though there was an episode with an absolutely hateful young hipster couple from around 2011 which was very tasty.

Would recommend


I wanna watch the week with the succulent chicken lady

Found it, VALERIE HOLIDAY a true queen

It was succulent pheasant not chicken, I have sinned


I have a feeling after I burn through the Netflix I’m going to have to watch loads of ads on all4 or find a cheeky torrent oi oi

Been meaning to watch the ‘sad little life’ set of episodes also

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Only one season of each sadly, but some great pairings to be had nonetheless

Sad little life was great for that moment but the Valerie Holiday week was stunning right the way through, I remember having it recorded on sky+ and rewatching it loads, true comedy

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Really want to rewatch the week in Liverpool where the guy got one point off a perfect score.

the one we all want to see is always so closely guarded by C4, literally never on 4oD - wonder if the man did a lawsuit of some kind

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Are you talking about the guy who got removed?

just the sad little life guy

Swear someone on twitter had access to it recently

Poor Dawn. This week is pretty grim and exploitative in hindsight. Val was a treasure though.


Shit I’d forgotten about Dawn :pensive:

I watched that one! Watched the east london couples episode hoping to be outraged and I wasn’t disappointed

My old boss is on a London couples one, he came across really badly and got loads of shit on twitter which he kept on responding to, eventually deleted his account

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Get Four In A Bed on and we’ll talk

I remember some lad on Come Dine With Me got Jimmy Corkhill to be the waiter for no reason

Ooh are you allowed to say which one?

Not a grab for indie points, as I obviously know what the show is, and about what a sad little life Jane leads, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode :scream:

I’d have to go look for it, let me see

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Snake shitting on the table