Come Dine With Me -- Now On Netflix!!!

This is fab news, thanks for letting me know. CDWN, FIAB, DD. Love them all.



It’s really wick how some contestants only score 7s no matter how good the food is.

Sometimes only one contestant in a set has the balls to go higher and potentially scupper their own chances.

Almost as good as Sad Little Life


Two businesses from my tiny village have been on this, including my old boss!

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There was a great week with this bizarre guy who put on this really posh persona, was snobbish about everything, said he went to one of the royal weddings. But actually lived in a tiny flat and had the royal stuff in plastic wallets in a ring binder (didn’t go to the wedding obvs). Had a massive bust up with one of the girls. Was just great TV. Would love to watch that again but don’t know what series it was.

Found it on all 4. Week beginning 14 Nov 2011. The guy is Greg Bell. You’ve got to scroll down for about 10 minutes to find it cos the app is total shite.

Jesus I’m on episode 31 of the Netflix series. There’s a somewhat odd drama teacher and a complete sexist arsehole man. I can sense it’s going to be a great set of episodes

The last set of episodes on Netflix are insane. There’s a screw who is completely hateful and very rude, especially to one guest who has a big beard and dreadlocks. There’s also a strange stuffy man who is also a massive snob.