Come Dine With Me

Have we done this yet? I’m sure like everyone else you’re sat on the sofa watching this every day until the days blend together and you feel like you’re going to explode.


What’s your menu?


I’d be the token vegan so I’d obviously be grouped with a gammon/man child that refuses to try anything without meat.

I’d probably do some kind of middle Eastern meze starter - make some flatbread, falafel, hummus, salads etc might stretch to putting out some halloumi for my guests.

Main would be ‘pulled’ jackfruit chilli, rice and guacamole and salsa bits, might do some roasted corn on the cob and stuff on the side too

Dessert would be apple crumble and custard.

Basically I’d just do food I’ve done loads of times and that would allow me to wow my guests with my hosting. No entertainment gimmicks I’m afraid, maybe a little drawing/plasticine moulding arty table challenge or something between courses.


Homemade antipasti
Some sort of risotto
Pesto tagliatelle
Pannacotta with some raspberry and amaretto sauce, biscotti
Line of coke

The risotto wasnt to my taste and the orgy was a little bland, but other than that I enjoyed the night.

I’m giving @Aggpass


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I filled out an application for one of the Newcastle versions while on my final sick period as a teacher and got a phone call back asking how I thought I’d be able to get time off for filming.

I didn’t think I would be able to ask for leave a week before Easter and two weeks after a month of sickness so did not progress my application.

Sourdough, olive oil, balsamic, sea salt

Pizza surprise (the surprise is pizza)

Platter of Ben’s-style cookies, Bakewell blondies, and banana bread.

If you’re gluten intolerant, you can fuck off. Sorry.

Watching me struggle through Jimi Hendrix guitar parts, hitting about 80% of the notes. Singing along is very strictly NOT permitted

The soup was nice, but it’s just soup isn’t it at the end of the day
Dessert was the highlight for me
I give you a 7!

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I really enjoyed the entertainment, it was something different.
The food was ok


Fuck off out of my house, ta.

Dear lord


Starter - shots
Main - cans
Dessert - dessert wine
Entertainment - conga line



a massive fondue

Just borrow xylos hot tub and fill it with delicious hot cheese

Starter: Steak Americano
Main: Steak Americano
Dessert: Steak Americano
Entertainment: Angina


Fantastic night, the food was really up my street and who doesn’t love cats?



People from Coventry