Come Friendly Bombs


Which threads are no longer fit for (normal) humans, now?

Well the cycling one obviously.

Just had a look in the beer one, fucking hell!

I’m never going to look in a “I’m going to some city can people recommend me places that aren’t like totally tourist traps, yah?” threads but I’d imagine every one of those should be incinerated.

I’ve been a branch of “Game” before (never again) - I imagine the gaming thread is like that but in thread form.

“Stoned Musings” - HAS to be terrible.


Any others?

“This one” - don’t be an idiot, mate.



The absolute worst ones are just lists of towns or countries people this if they’ve been to
Oh it seems you’ve been to Antwerp we all know you so much better now


You’ve been a branch of Game before? Where were you based?


I think the only time I’ve ever opened a football thread was by accident. See also - any sports thread other than Olympics ones (which I quite enjoy)


football chat

the absolute worst chat


“chat” is really over-selling it.


“there’s an off brand crack den in cologne we stumbled into on the last night really learned a lot about crack and had a top night there doubt we would have in an irish pub on the main drag.”


That sounds alright tbf


Dreams you’ve had recently


like i said it’s in cologne, just you won’t find it on a tourist map.


Ones where people get a bit tense about what they use in their kitchens or whatever


(jk they’re the best)


There’s probably a wrestling thread, isn’t there? Probably smells like Lynx Africa in there. No thanks.


The 2017 film discussion thread
Book thread

Any thread where it’s just people listing stuff they’ve seen/read. and ignoring everyone elses reponses.




Imagine buying some beers, lining them up on your kitchen worktop, taking a photo - then posting a picture on a popular music website with a comment like “I’m going to be making a dent in this lot over the weekend”.

Imagine that.


It’s just three of us really (sharing lynx)


Beer thread. I love beer but FUCK that noise.


that book thread
the film thread

any of those ones where people just list stuff without reading the other replies