Come lunch with me


I wanted to show you a picture of my weekly fish and chips but the canteen have let me down with their very suspicious frozen looking batter, so I’m having a misery toastie instead. And this:

How bout u?


Thai belly pork


Sausages and beans on toast. Yum.

That cake looks good though!


Xmas lunch innit, can’t remember what I ordered though.


Christmas dooooooo! So sprouts in the main


A roast veg sandwich and peanut butter on spelt cakes (like rice cakes but with spelt) which tastes like this


Think we’re going to the waffle house shortly.

Hopefully they have something festive with mincemeat and ice cream



Probably try and manage an orange or two.

Had 3 bowls of porridge since Saturday night, and they were a struggle.

Every time I look at food I feel like passing out.

Not what you’re after but it’s what you’re getting.


Doing wonders for my figure, too.


what the fucking hell is that, mate?


Sorry to hear that, thanks for participating anyway.


The picture in the OP?




Tesco misery sandwich.

Will make up for it with :pizza: tonight.


Salted caramel rocky road chocolate brownie.


taco bell has just opened 5 mins round the corner which i’m trying my best to ignore


I think you should go


You’re a taco bell m9.


At my work Christmas lunch yesterday there was one side plate of sprouts for the whole table. Everyone did the “oh, suppose I should, it is a Christmas meal” bit and by the time it got to me there were only FOUR sprouts left with two more people to be served! And then they all left some on their plate!!

I am LIVID because I fucking love those little green bastards.