Come meet Joke in London, Sunday August 11th

  • I can come meet you, Joke
  • I might come meet you, Joke
  • I cannot come meet you, Joke, but no hard feelings
  • I cannot come meet you, Joke, because I hate you

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I know it’s a Sunday. But that’s the way my trip how has shaken out.

We could go for drinks, or something. I don’t know. Flying back from Stansted on Monday.

(I will also put it out there that if anyone has a spare sofa… I will bring you some excellent, excellent Czech treats and booze to compensate)

Ironically, I am actually going to be on a train going through Brno at the time you’ll be in the UK :frowning: (assuming you’ll be in the UK on the night of the 9th / morning of 10th August)



I know the answer is no, but… Really?!

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No way, really? I’d have come and waved to you from the platform. Where are you going?

its a no, I just wanted to make it seem as though we were all going to Brno :frowning:


No Jokes Fest 2k19 Vyskov


We’ll be heading from Prague to Budapest :slight_smile: I’m slightly worried because it’s a night train and apparently the area round Hlavni Nadrazi is a bit dodgy in the evening. Any tips etc?

Oh sweet. Definitely should have had a stop here, mind :wink:

You’ll be fine, it’s a bit sketchy like all capital city train stations, but I’ve not felt threatened there. And I’m quite the wimp.

Have you been to either city before?

I’ll level with you. I’m going to be hungover but also, there.


I’ve been to Budapest a long time ago (2001?) so I’m looking forward to going back :slight_smile: never been to Prague. I’ve got a whole itinerary so I might see if people have recommendations for things to do, assuming there isn’t an M&Ms World in every major city in Europe.

hot diggedy dog that’s good enough for me

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I’d love to meet ya! I also have a spare bedroom if you need the crash space but well aware you don’t know me from Adam other than on here so may want to swerve :sweat_smile:

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Budapest is wonderful, one of my favourites. Really want to go again.

Prague… I don’t love it, honestly. Much prefer Brno. That isn’t a popular opinion but I’m not in the Czech Republic to make friends. The library is cool, they have an infinite tunnel of books, here I am in it:

It’s a good place to just wander around. I believe you’ll have the kids with you, but my MUST DO in Prague is the sex machines museum, so if you get a chance go there, it’s a good laugh.


cheers tilty! I’ll have a word with Adam, see what he thinks.

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Hi Joke

I’m at a wedding on Saturday and probably won’t be back in London until late on the Sunday. I apologise wholeheartedly


:frowning: well if you make it back earlier than expected, come along!

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come to Brazil


really got the giggles at this

aaahh, not this time joke man.