Come on guys


Please play nice here. A thread about an explosion in London isn’t the place to start making funny comments really, or the place to call people cunts. If you have a problem with someone, raise it with them privately (or do it in the thread in a constructive way), or with @1101010 or I. Likewise if you see posts which you want us to deal with, please flag it. It’s the quickest way for us to deal with things.

Have a lovely day.



god, thought this thread was going to be something else completely given the title.


You weren’t very nice to me yesterday. I’m still very upset. would like to ban request you, other mods? Thanks in advance


You had me at “come on guys” :wink:

RIP Harris Wittels


come on, guy




CWBAFT :sweat_drops:


I think generally everyone here is nice and means well, probably extra stressed at the moment due to not knowing what’s going on, it’s easy to magnify someone’s tiny character flaws into a big deal on here if you’re feeling salty.

I’ll take this opportunity to apologise to @Im_On_Safari for being mean yesterday in a comment. Wasn’t needed so I am sorry about that.

Thanks for working hard to keep this place civil plasticniki!


Sorry but there’s no way Theo would ban me :blush:

Also: you’re alright! Sorry if you got another impression. If I did have a genuine complaint about you then I’d have sent you a message. :kissing_heart:


Group hug


Awww, I could never stay angry at you! :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m sorry I was mean to you. You’re a good guy!


no harm done :slight_smile:


Genuinely sorry if I did actually offend anyone, obviously


Let’s all get in here eh.


I only come here for the beeves. A bit gutted they got shut down. We ain’t had any action in AGES.


Beeves are okay but they can’t really be that malicious and also absolutely NOT in a srs bsns thread.


Not happy with the idea that we have to take everything to mum and dad (pnik and theo) - that can’t be healthy. Get it out of your system.


Can I list DiSers who I think are total twats? Get all the beeves out in one big go?


End of list.