Come on then Friday lunchers, letsby avenue

same ol for me, but what about wbu?

Just to clarify - that is soup and not your coffee right?




if you compare the soup to the pot of coffee in the bg you should notice a slight difference in colour which is how you can tell

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1 x cheese and mayo and tomato in a Mediterranean style pitta
1 x bag of cheese tasters
1 x white choc kit kat chunky
1 x satsuma
1 x eton mess dessert pot (treat yo’self reduced option)

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Thought you banged a load of milk in it innit!


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They are very, very good. Couple of wee meringue kisses on a bed of a load of sugary mousse.

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Just had a toasted bagel with roast turkey, mayo and american mustard

should probably have an apple now but I probably won’t

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i’ve got a coffee and a cheddar cheese and sandwich spread sarnie i made


i once ate some of this that had gone off when i was a student, makes me feel ill just to look at it

but enjoy your lunch!

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it doesn’t look nice tbh but the lovely interplay of veg and salad cream complement the cheddar very nicely

Had some cashews and a chocolate brownie. Gonna wait til my bf comes home then we’re going to have some leftover alla Norma.

Oh no

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it’s delightful tbh, best decision i’ve ever made in my life

Leftover dal with tamarind roasted red cabbage, a clementine and an apple (pink lady). Not looking forward to the apple as I had two teeth out yesterday, really should’ve thought on…

*power nod*

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