Come on then, show us yer garden*

*or allotment, shared lawn, windowbox, whatever. Checking my garden privilege.

We bought this house years ago cos even though it’s tiny the garden is fab.

You can see the tortoise bottom left if you look closely, she’s loving the weather atm.


Not a big fan, it’s a ball-ache, but having outdoor space makes 'er indoors happy so it’s for her.


Don’t have one anymore. Just a little balcony. Not cat flap either - the cat gets in and out the house by jumping on our downstairs neighbours shed, onto our balcony though a very narrow gap and then in through the bathroom window we have open for her. She’s a genius. A furry idiot genius


Some nice swing seat work there

It’s normally in the lawn but that belongs to Mr Fox now.

Oh yeah, should probably have saved this thread for tomorrow. Kind of forget sometimes that not everyone gets half term… :grimacing:

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There’s a decked bit at the top but I don’t have a pic of it (and it’s a rotten death trap) but here’s the GF and the cat enjoying the lawn bit at the bottom.


Don’t have any recent pics atm, but am becoming prettty obsessed with gardening and making stuff for the garden.
Guess all those years of my mum dragging me around gardens and garden centres are finally making their impact.
Trying to sort out the front garden a bit. Gonna have a ornamental grass bed at the front and about 5 planters to grow some clematis up the walls.


Just a small terrace/large balcony for me. We do live in a park though so that’s good.

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Re-seeded the lawn this weekend cause look at the state of it. Big fan of the old style washing line and the mulberry tree though


We had an old washing line like that in our last house, almost completely rusted through and fell down the day we left the house!

The pole for ours is wooden. Biggest danger for it is me accidentally chopping it down with a strimmer

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The TV and I have occasional disagreements about whether the patch of shingle and flowers by our front gate can justify the term ‘front garden’


  • Yes that’s a front garden
  • No that is clearly not worthy of the name

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I think that is a fantastic space - love what you’ve done with it.


it’s an alpine inspired front garden.


Affront to gardens, more like!

(that’s a front garden, yes)

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All feels very continental

also @anon76851889’s garden is like garden porn

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front yard imho

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too traumatised about having the foxes killed to even look at my garden right now