Come see my work's Christmas menu

Already covered this in “Social Board makes decisions” , but as @laelfy noted it can make for a good thread too

So, what ya havin’, any flavour combos ya queryin’, any beefs you’ll be startin’?

Veggie options and the golden syrup pudding probs

As a vegetarian, I don’t get a choice for starter or main course, but for dessert, I’d go for the golden sysrup pudding.

How are the veggies feeling about the choices they have been assigned? Starter feels solid to me but main could be pretty divisive

Completely depends how much effort is put into the flavours. Sounds like something I might enjoy but know a fair few vegetarians who’d be politely prodding a fork at that then eating crisps for the rest of the night

Sounds fine to me, but it would have been nice to have a choice.


Parfait, plaice, cheeseboard. A light, dry cider with the starter, glass of Rioja Blanca with the main and a couple of ports with the cheese.

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  • Dessert or cheeseboard
  • Dessert then cheeseboard

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Place I’d have preferred to go to had two veggie mains and much better cocktails/beer options, so I did my part to help the veggie cause

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Thank you for your support.

Yeah this angered me.

Traditional Roast Duncan Bannatyne

The fuck are kilted sausages?

Parfait, followed by the adjective steak. Golden syrup pudding. Fall asleep at the table.

Ours came round yesterday.

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Much better name than you lot use

‘Pigs on pigs’?

Slices of hot pepper smoked mackerel with scorched apple on

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The War on Pigs