Come Stein With Me (It's Rick Tuesday)


Rick’s latest culinary travels take him through Mexico City, and Puebla, where he dislikes Mexico’s most iconic dish, the meat stew mole. Later, in the deserts of Oaxaca, he dislikes how one of the country’s most famous drinks, mezcal is made.



T minus 16 minutes


Excellent pun work @bluto.


Imagine if he made his Padstow mole with real mole.


Padstow whack-a-mole (guacamole)


I’m only here for the latest adventures of Richard Lard (from Padstow)


what is the appeal of this? should I watch it?



Just stay in the thread really.


my favourite time of the week


If we have to explain, you won’t like it.

You’ll love it though.


rick stein clearly hates food and the idea of eating another meal clearly causes him some deep internal grief, but he does an increasingly unconvincing job of grinning his way through it.

then he takes the recipes home to padstow and ruins them


I hope numchuck man makes a reappearance


burritos and guacamole on the radio

good ship in etc


Well I’ve got their vinyls


all i can say to that is ‘yes’


I had them on 8 track tape.


Away kit on today


You’ll fit right in if they’re always pissed in those places Rick


ooh he’s gonna get sloshed