Come with me to the land of Wednesday

What’s up compadres

Between a work “away day”, bowling, pub, and Pavement gig I’m gonna be out the house from 9am-11pm today :open_mouth: already tired by the idea. All in the name of a good time though (and a new location to get lunch from)

How are you coping with your various hump days?

Good tip-off for any burglars reading


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I’m off today. Just walking up to the nursery to drop my son off for his first day. Then a longish walk, then making this for dinner


Dropped off like a dream. That’s a worry off


Baby 2 is 2 weeks old now. 2 more weeks of pat leave still, thankfully. Currently listening to music on the sofa while she sleeps on my chest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad it went well :+1:

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Morning folks,

In the office today, and it looks like a busy day, sadly. Still, less opportunity for me to give the appearance of slacking. I had a little walk around the grounds first and its properly autumnal now

In other news my Fitbit broke last night, so for now I’m free from the tyranny of being nagged that I haven’t done 250 steps per hour or 10,000 per day. I’ll probably get another one at some point, but it might be a good time to figure out what I actually want on my wrist


Last night was…interesting. A guy who said he was an alien, a guy stalked by UFOs, and an engineer all started rowing about plasma. Not your average Tuesday.

In the dog friendly office today and its really cosy in here :relaxed:



I’m on a train to Cambridge just like old times :blush: there’s a Foodbank conference/training day thing that I said I’d go to, when I was feeling a little more energised. Hopefully it’ll be alright though.

Beautiful morning though :sunny:


Very windy here in North Staffs!

Feeling a bit low mood today, various reasons i guess. Started a rewatch of Parks and Recs as its one of my comfort shows, just had coffee and breakfast biscuits and now nap trapped by a very snuffly and clingy F.

Need to put a load of laundry on when she wakes up (ahead of our holiday on Friday). Then im going over to Tunstall (one of the ‘famous’ 6 towns of Stoke-on-Trent, not 5 FYI Arnold Bennett) Library to see my friend who recently started working there and to get F her first library card!

Packing this afternoon then hopefully relaxing evening with Mr s_w as he was out last night at football.

Feels weird enjoying Andy Dwyer on Parks & Recs now though with Chris Pratt turning out to be…problematic.


Sounds like a decent away day tbf…

Morning all!

Dropped The Child off at holiday club this morning. It’s nice to feel like I’ve got a break now.

I got a lift to Wor Lass’s office and watched her telling off contractors who’d parked in her protected space.

I’m in town for some shops, haircut and lunch but I needed breakfast too:

Pear Danish and some coffee.

Work is getting busier which is messing with my plans to quit. Sent another dozen or so applications yesterday, slept badly and meeting someone for lunch so gotta focus on getting actual work done which is why I’m typing this post right now and may post some more before I do anything.

Seen a kingfisher so day completed


At my auntie’s house, there’s a man chopping down her tree

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Is this a eupham…

Oh no, look - there really is a man chopping down her tree


Morning, just destroyed a chocolate and malted milk cruffin, picked up on the way home from the TV’s, i’m very very tired and was late starting work.
Off to see Bon Iver tonight, works a a shit show but i can do it.

It’s a bit chilly in the office today. It’s even colder than at home, and I was browsing fingerless gloves last night to wear while I’m working at home