Come with me to the land of Wednesday

Going to see Joe Lycett later, and chatting to a new friend just found out she’s his assistant which is exciting. Maybe get a beer with the tory after.

Just need to get there really, today has been shit.

t’ra punx

lovely time at the brude last night but had a bit of a mare getting home. was on the last Leeds-mcr train at 0015, that gets about 200m up the road before grinding to a halt, waiting for 10 mins, then pulling back into Leeds. get booted off the train ofc. they tell us they’ll sort transport for us, so have to stand outside the station for 45 mins with no staff presence at all. finally some waistcoat comes out and shepherds us to the taxi rank, we pile into cabs back to Manchester, that’s good at least. driver starts nodding off on the m62 OBVIOUSLY, genuinely could have died. got home about 2:30. midweek gigs in another city: a young man’s game.

still though, good gig, and I had a mcds apple pie

Showed my face at work for a couple of hours. Been and got a salted caramel cruffin and a blondie doughnut from the nice bakery and now on the train home.

Looking after the dog-in-law for a couple of days so will take the pair of em for a walk when I get back.

Yeah Aziz Ansari too. I haven’t rewatched for ages and thought about it the other day but I’m not sure anymore.

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Waiting for the train to Bristol for a few days. Will find somewhere for lunch and then kill time until hotel check-in before heading to Bath to see a friend for first time since 2019 and then it’ll be Tomberlin time, plus Angel Olsen.

fucking hell :grimacing:


Booked an interview tomorrow! Huzzah! It’s on Microsoft Teams! FUCK.


Oh ofc yeh. And Louis CK is in a few episodes too. :grimacing:

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Blimey, it’s like a who’s who of wrong 'uns.

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It really is!

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I know there were rumours of horrific parties but other than that (they did seem to be very unsubstantiated unless i missed something?) but is there more?

i struggled with him on a re-watch as his character is pretty gross in a similar way


Pratt is a big anti-abortion campaigner/general republican wanker I believe.


And he made reference thanking his wife for a beautiful healthy daughter when his child with his ex was born quite unwell.


That’s the one I was trying to remember. His child with Anna Faris?

Thats right yeh.

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thanks, and @Funkhouser

how depressing. He was funny in P&R :frowning: what a douchebag


I know right. Hes a real weapon. :pensive:


Seen 3 kingfishers


Alright mate, you’ve had a bit of Local Indian, no need to rub our hungry faces in it! :wink: