Come with me to the land of Wednesday

No Theo


I have only ever seen at most 2 kingfishers in my life so I am of course quite jealous.

Only 1 for me. I am v jealous of @rich-t right now as that one i saw was magnificent.

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I tried to make this joke earlier but I couldn’t make it work.

Well done!

sorry @rich-t and everyone else

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Feeling a lot less anxious and stressed today thanks (I think) to some good choices by past me (staying home and chilling = yes, booze = no, fags = no, exercise = yes)

Hopefully I can keep it up till the weekend when I’ll be doing the opposite :grinning: - but then I have a buffer Monday off work booked to get back on track

Been for a run, need to eat more than the nana I’ve had. Work is a bit call heavy so not sure how much actual work I’ll get done

Hello all,

Feeling so stressed, the next wee while in the run up to Christmas is too busy with work and arrangements and I’m feeling guilty I didn’t manage to go home last weekend and with work being the way it is I’m feeling like I shouldn’t go up this weekend either. Sob.

Rant over.

Yeah was not fun. Someone in the car share was very diplomatic and he was very receptive (and opened a window full blast ha), I would not have been so polite

My boss says that as a reward for getting some work sent out this morning, I can go to the zoo this afternoon


Words can’t describe how incredible this sandwich was

Ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, thin layers of caramelised onion chutney and dijon mustard



GVSR, an apple and some Quality Street for lunch.

I’ve had a haircut and a bath.

Going to play computer games for a bit.

Leftover pizza and a Nissin chilli noodle pot for munch. Watching Hotel Reserve and then have a shower and prep the cottage pie before collecting littleun from nursery


What flavour cruffin?

Just waited about 40 minutes for a greggs bean and cheese bake to be cool enough to eat - still absolutely boiling tbh. Might insulate the flat with them.

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Should have eaten right away and sued

Snacky little sandwich lunch at the event, been okay, ordered some silly beer just cos, bring on the bowling

No sweet treats here though, awful

Salted caramel

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Do you have a pair of ninoculars or just really good at seeing birds?

Always hear all sorts of birds but rarely actually able to spot them.

Gotta go back to work at 3.30, is it ok with everyone if I have a sneaky sleep until then?

Bins and a keen eye