Comedians Pulling Punchable Faces



Sorry Jordan, but this is worthy of this thread. Promo photos of comedians make them look SO dislikable sometimes. Sir Smuggy Smuggins of Smuglington. They lack humility which you’d think they’d be acutely aware of as comedians. Use this thread for examples.

Also, if anyone wants to start an equivalent for magicians, be my guest. Remember though, they’re magicians and have to deal with their shitty life choices already, so maybe don’t start that thread and keep punching sideways.


In cars, getting coffee…


I only get one edit a day, so that’s the name now.

Big fan of more people being Regulars and this sort of thing happening.


He has a nose, so sure


This could have been a great thread. Even better than this one.


plus they can hang out in the lounge, waiting for Lucien to bring the drinks.


I could presumably just post every picture from a Google Image search of John Bishop Promo Shot


Walk past this on a billboard every cunting day


The proportions are so massively out of whack there. Is John Bishop a giant? Is he a normal sized human sitting on a tiny plane? Has the advert just been knocked up by a lazy git who went “Yeah, that’ll do.”?


Also how come his tie’s getting blown around but his hair’s completely unmoved.

EDIT - I was wrong re: the tie


And it’s a plane as well, not a train! I saw that!


I haven’t had my first coffee of the morning


It’s okay mate, you’ll recover from this. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


There’s life in this thread yet


That first one is astonishing


third one doesnt even look real. is he a waxwork