Comedy moustache discussion

Was on the train the other day and noticed a suitcase with loads of ‘London’ things printed on it. In amongst the taxis, beefeaters and London landmarks for some reason there was a big comedy moustache.

This made me wonder whether the big comedy moustache trend of the past few years has now died out, as I haven’t seen many moustache themed mugs/tote-bags/socks recently. Please feel free to discuss this important topic and consider the following-

Has the formerly ubiquitous comedy moustache died out?
What has contributed to it’s decline? The rise of the ironic flamingo/pineapple?
Will the comedy moustache return in our lifetimes?

Can you post an example picture so I know what you’re on about?


That kind of thing

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Surely the most often regretted of all regretted tattoos. Just really, really shit


I moustache you a question

I imagine that there will be a few hardcore fans who will keep the subculture going now that it isn’t cool anymore e.g. comedy detectives, masters of disguise etc

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Keep calm and comedy moustache!



fucking hell, Barry Chuckle’s only just died, bit of sensitvity


SHADY CHARACTER: Hey you two, wanna see somethin’ cool

MARLON: Roscoe why is this shady character in our house

ROSCOE: I don’t know what you mean

MARLON: A shady character, right there, leaning in a casual but vaguely malevolent fashion against the toaster

ROSCOE: I meant Marlon that I don’t know what you mean by our house, the lease is in my name

MARLON: Very touchy, you are

SHADY CHARACTER: Hey I’ll show ya somethin’ that’ll detract from this atmosphere of negative emotional tension

MARLON: yeah k then

ROSCOE: why not, the film I wanted to watch with dinner tonight - Logistics (2012) - is taking ages to download for some reason

MARLON: That’s a bit of humour for you to research in your own time, readers!

Anyway, they follow the SHADY CHARACTER in their own house to the attic where they find a big paddock has been set up.

The SHADY CHARACTER dangles a microphone above one of the animals - all of which are MOOSES - in the paddock

MOOSE: Ere how many mothers in laws does it tek to change a lightbulb, eh? (beat) Just the one I 'int a BLEEDIN MORMON ladies and gentlemen. By gum, yer a smashing crowd

MARLON: What is this Roscoe

ROSCOE: I don’t know you’ll have to ask the man

MARLON: What is this the Man

SHADY CHARACTER: It’s my comedy moose stash

ROSCOE: Bollocks to this mountain of cack



Right, I think I just saw that as an extension of the whole 19th C hipster thing that was doing the rounds, like that Gentleman Hip-Hop thing or something.

You mean like that “Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer”? Still never heard a single track by him and fully intend to keep it that way. Seems like something that might have been mildly amusing for one YouTube video but he’s recorded entire albums! Must be a big demand for ‘comedy’ raps about Penny Farthings and monocles

That’s the guy although I seem to recall there being at least one other and they had rap battles?

And yeah there is a demand for that because places like Beaconsfield exist.

nah, classic london, the comedy moustache. whenever i think about london, i think of comedy moustaches


gf’s mate’s band supported the man who does epic rap battles of history. we’d never heard of him, gf’s mate assured us he was brilliant. theo, he was not

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I can’t figure out who this stuff is aimed at. Like The Chap magazine - is it like steampunk for people who don’t like sci fi?

It’s cunts, hank. Stupid fucking cunts