Comedy moustache discussion

Also wrote “Eat My Goal”. Weird career arc

I saw him at Camp Bestival the other week - found it enjoyable enough mid-afternoon entertainment tbh tbf.

I also saw Collapsed Lung support Senser a couple of years back…

Am I imagining it but wasn’t it a former member of Collapsed Lung who produced the last Future of the Left album as well? Weird

I miss my comedy moustache :frowning:

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That’s a Van Dyke beard isn’t it though, so completely fine. I’m thinking more of the curly waxed 'tache

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I used to use the ol’ comedy tache to great effect when we were having a bit of a toot. I’d wait until we were really stoned and briefly pop one on and off again. Sometimes i’d use a red nose or a pair of glasses - go out of the room to get some food, pop my head back round the door, ask the most stoned person something with tache on, remove it, come back in and watch the cogs whirring. Great banter.


does yer man hookworms lurk

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Only good thing about moustaches