Comedy phrases that have been milked


Recent list of comedy phrases that really should be retired.

Any missing from the list?


Talk To You Soon.




Actually a DiS one could be a good idea or the worst idea ever (put that on the list)


Never heard that one, can you expand on it a little?



I went on a school tour on Friday and “computer says no” was used twice. Once by a teacher and once by a fellow parent.


Was really surprised this wasnt already on the list actually.


I find those kind of ones quite endearing. So dated and out of fashion.


That famous comedy phrase - ‘really?’


wish I could find a clip of Adam Buxton doing his ‘really?’ voice…


Garlic bread!


I tell you what I think has totally disappeared (which I am grateful for) is nom nom nom. Not sure if that is a comedy phrase.


when people go “that well known etc etc etc” to lampoon someone who has just suggested something


Woah. Hots fired indeed.


he/she has done you there


Big fan of Epimer’s response here:


Comedy phrases that have been milked? That’s the impression that I get!


Milky milky
Accrington Stanley, who Are They?
Drink a pint a milk a day (Tony Hancock if you are an ignoramus)


found it, 34:15…