"Comedy" records

My DiS Mixtape recipients should have come across a comedy track by now (see below), but are there any “comedy” tracks that you genuinely find funny or that you find funny that shouldn’t be?

On a more tasteful level, I have to say I always had a good chortle at “My Sister” by the Tindersticks (this may make me a bad person):

A lot of FotL and Mclusky (and Christian Fitness) stuff makes me laugh a lot but the funniest ‘albums’ I’ve heard in recent years has been the Mouth Sounds trilogy.

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Ah, sorry. Good how the ‘your thread is like’ box didn’t pick the thread that my thread is like. Cheers DiS!

Probably because it was a MTftSB, dunno if that feature spans the different boards.

Not an issue either way though innit, might be some stuff in there that’s relevant but it’s almost certainly mostly nonsense. I hope this thread goes brilliantly!

What is one of these? (and cheers)

Music Thread for the Social Board

Oh!!! (face. palm.)

Ivor Biggun. I know all the words to the Wanker Song (a tape went round my school circa 1988).


Think quite a lot of people on here like Los Campesinos and Belle & Sebastian




The Higsons were a punk-funk group from the early 80s whose members included future comedian Charlie Higson and Terry Edwards later of Gallon Drunk.

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probably not as funny now that everyone’s heard it a million times, but the lonely island’s “happy birthday to the GROUND” bit still gets me

Jeff Dunham is playing a LARGE venue in town tonight.
That’s all I have to add.

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Got a lot of love for Richard Cheese