"Comedy" records


My DiS Mixtape recipients should have come across a comedy track by now (see below), but are there any “comedy” tracks that you genuinely find funny or that you find funny that shouldn’t be?

On a more tasteful level, I have to say I always had a good chortle at “My Sister” by the Tindersticks (this may make me a bad person):


A lot of FotL and Mclusky (and Christian Fitness) stuff makes me laugh a lot but the funniest ‘albums’ I’ve heard in recent years has been the Mouth Sounds trilogy.



Ah, sorry. Good how the ‘your thread is like’ box didn’t pick the thread that my thread is like. Cheers DiS!


Probably because it was a MTftSB, dunno if that feature spans the different boards.

Not an issue either way though innit, might be some stuff in there that’s relevant but it’s almost certainly mostly nonsense. I hope this thread goes brilliantly!


What is one of these? (and cheers)


Music Thread for the Social Board


Oh!!! (face. palm.)


Ivor Biggun. I know all the words to the Wanker Song (a tape went round my school circa 1988).


Think quite a lot of people on here like Los Campesinos and Belle & Sebastian





The Higsons were a punk-funk group from the early 80s whose members included future comedian Charlie Higson and Terry Edwards later of Gallon Drunk.



probably not as funny now that everyone’s heard it a million times, but the lonely island’s “happy birthday to the GROUND” bit still gets me


Jeff Dunham is playing a LARGE venue in town tonight.
That’s all I have to add.




Got a lot of love for Richard Cheese