• First time I’ve thought about it in years

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One time in Comet I pressed a button on what I thought was a hifi but it turned out to be the staff coffee machine.


I used to work in Comet as a holiday job. Fond memories.

This very Comet, in fact:


The logo you’re most familiar with

Don’t remember the second one at all

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First photo looks like the 80s. Think it’s like mid 00’s or something judging by the cars.

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Iraq war era

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The Ford Ka came out in 1996, so it’s after then.

Best type of comet

  • Defunct electrical goods retailer
  • Early jet aeroplane
  • Fast space rocks
  • Other (please specify)

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Just had to look up how car regs work again but looks like it’s no earlier than 2003

(yeah Iraq War era)

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The phone on the poster looks pretty 2002/3ish. Prob one of the ones I wasn’t allowed and ended up with a naff Motorola.

By the time you get to the bottom of the three photos, the shop name has become completely detached from what it reads as.

I do not know what you mean

is coming

You know when you read a word so many times that it stops looking right?



Alright, Quentin Willson.

What’s gonna happen with car regs in 2050?


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